When Election Day comes close on the heels of Halloween


Election day has passed, and we can all chill out somewhat. I know that I’m doing so. Suddenly, my attention span has been restored. It no longer resembles a flea in size and tempo. 

It’s the first election that my kids actually noticed…and I am happy that the guy they rooted for won. It will probably give them a good start in terms of an imprint of general optimism about politics and democracy. 

The night before, Elizabeth (Mothering’s marketing director) and I got together with our kids and made PB & J sandwiches, cookies, and muffins to sustain the voters during their potentially long wait at the polls. The kids were initially going to help, but ran off to play in Honorée and Nathaniel’s room. Noelani, Elizabeth’s daughter, is a little younger than Nathaniel, and they all get along really well. I think that H. and N. like to pretend that she’s their little sister. Everything was going really well until Noelani came running out, in sobs. “Mommy, I’m really TIRED,” she wailed. “I really want to go home and go to BED!” It was beautiful in its purity…we should all be so clear when we need rest. 

“And mommy, what are MUMMIES?” she asked. “They told me about MUMMIES and they sound SCAREEEEE…”

Oh, great…”I’m so sorry,” I said. “I didn’t tell them about mummies…”

But, Elizabeth was totally cool about it. Must remember to impress on the kids that they should not give The Fear to younger kids. As much as it can be a teeny bit devilishly fun to do so (well I remember scaring my younger sibs).

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One thought on “When Election Day comes close on the heels of Halloween”

  1. This made me laugh because I was reading your blog and caught the word “Mummies”, which is our family word for “breasts”. Haha!

    I have scary mummies.

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