when production deadline exhaustion meets ADHD Month



Mel (a.k.a coworker and fellow production person Melyssa Holik): . . . and then do that with them; so what do you think?

Laura: I’m sorry Mel; I just blitzed out. . . . Could you say that again?

Mel: Oh, that’s OK. — Sorry, let me finish this Pringle. — It is ADHD Month, you know. Ha! I was just thinking how Pringles can look like ducks’ beaks if you try to talk with one hanging out of your mouth. . . .  So what did you need?

Laura: Sorry, let me just finish this email to. . . Um. . . so. . . what?

Mel: What did you need?

Laura: Oh. . .well. I think . . .what?

Mel: You asked me something?

Laura: Oh, yeah. . .I don’t remember. . . .  I think I just wondered what you said?

Mel: Oh, that. . . (laughs) I have NO idea!


Photo taken with my phone downtown last week is my attempt to illustrate the state of my brain right about now.

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