when the going gets tough, the tough.. .


Cleaning up 35 years of magazining is painful.

So, obviously, is saying goodbye to the fabulous Production Department trio we’ve* had the opportunity to be, back in the  golden days of yore** when we worked together to create a magazine.

So when Melissa stopped by last night, Mel and I stopped our cleaning and sighing, threw a CD (one I had found in a pile of old review submissions), Totally ’80s for Kids, into the computer, cranked up the volume, and danced our saddened hearts out.


P.S. For the record, I am not a fan of ’80s pop, but I have to admit it’s hard to beat for the post-apocalyptic office dance party. Thank you, Kool and the Gang.#

*Managing Editor Melissa Chianta, Staff Photographer/Ad Production Manger Melyssa Holik, and I

**i.e. as recently as the March-April issue, but the uncertainty of the future makes the charmed past seem so long ago



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