Where Do You Stand on Kids Peeing into the Lake?

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Hello, Mothering.com readers,


I need your opinion. Where do we as liberal, holistic, natural parents stand on the issue of kids peeing into the local swimming hole?


Here’s my particular situation. Last week I was with my two boys, ages three and seven, at a lake just outside town. It was a bit early in the season, so only one other family was there.


Towards the end of our visit, my seven year old had to pee. I didn’t want to schlep up to the bathrooms, especially because I suspected we would find them locked, and if they were locked, by then, my son would have to go really badly.


I had seen a parent earlier in the week instruct her five-year-old to pee into the lake. I remembered this and told my son to do the same. But my son didn’t realize that he should wade into the water up to his chest and be discreet about peeing.


I’m not trying to teach him to be tricky or dishonest, it’s just that you don’t want to flaunt an in-the-lake pee in everyone’s face. He went in just about waist-level and you could very clearly tell he was peeing. And it was a long pee.


I saw the other dad on the beach watching and noticeably wincing.


So, now I felt bad. I can’t tell if my actions were:


A) Fine. After all, lots of animals pee into the water. It’s natural.




B) Appalling, and I should find the dad to apologize and then be summarily banned from the beach.


What do you think about a seven-year-old peeing into the water? Opinions appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Brian Leaf



Brian Leaf

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