Who Wants to Sleep Alone?


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Although every human female is different, there is no doubt that her body is endowed with a unique capacity to breastfeed, should she choose to do so. “The human infant is likewise biologically designed to sleep next to his or her mother’s body and to breastfeed intermittently throughout the night, at least for the first few years of life. In fact, nothing that a human neonate does makes sense except in light of the mother’s body.”


This is a collection of new evidence in support of cosleeping and the family bed, and  includes “The Science of Sharing Sleep”  – in which an internationally recognized research team responds to public misrepresentations of cosleeping and bedsharing, and “The Solace of the Family Bed” – a renowned doctor reassures parents that infant night waking is normal. And it’s safe to sleep with your kids.


These articles were printed in Mothering magazine, issue 152,  January–February 2009. ©Mothering Magazine, Inc. 2009. 









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