Why Join Mothering?

Since 2001, Mothering.com has been a place for mothers to find answers, community and thoughtful discussion on all facets of parenting and natural family living. Today, with over 200,000 members and millions of posts with ongoing conversations, the site offers a wealth of information for every stage of parenting – from your pregnancy through sending your kids to college!


Here are just a few reasons to join now:


Meet Other Mamas
Every one of us needs support and guidance from time to time and Mothering is just the place to find it! Joining the community means finding a safe place where you can ask questions and discover help, no matter what time of day or how embarrassing you might find the subject. You become part of a large network of moms who are ready to lend an ear – and that’s something to cherish!


Join a Due Date Club!
Pregnant? Join a Due Date Club and connect with a group of women due in the same month.  These groups host discussions from body changes and prenatal health to baby names and what gear to buy.  Go through the highs and lows of pregnancy alongside your fellow “due-daters.”



Breastfeeding Support
Mothering members offer some of the best breastfeeding support on the web. Our Breastfeeding Forums are a great place to find information about tongue tie, growth spurts, nursing strikes, safe medications, pumping, and general support from other breastfeeding mamas when you need it!



Ages and Stages Discussions
We have dedicated forums for each stage in the parenting journey from those needing support in the Neonatal ICU to Teens.  Lots of our moms have “been there, done that” and share their wisdom in the forums long after their children have grown past a particular age. No matter what stage you’re at in your parenting, the Mothering community is here to help, share and discuss!


Ask The Experts
As a Mothering member, you’ll have a team of parenting experts standing by to answer your questions! From pediatric doctor Bob Sears to parenting guru Judy Arnall, our experts are dedicated to giving you the answers you need, when you need them.



Product Reviews
Doing research for an upcoming purchase? We have thousands of member reviews on natural products to help make your buying decisions easier. Plus, joining the Mothering community allows you speak your mind about products you love or wouldn’t recommend, so you can help other mamas, too. With so many products out there, we believe our members have the right to be informed mothers!


TV free parenting, Paleo eating, Minimalist Mamas: no matter your interest, Mothering is likely to have a member-only group to fit your needs! And, if not, you’re welcome to start one yourself to create the parenting support  you’re looking for.  



Last but not least, another perk of being a Mothering member is the opportunity to participate in our fun contests, offering exciting prizes from our partners. Members enter photos, tips and ideas for a chance to win innovative and useful products for their families. Some lucky mothers have won a full set of cloth diapers, a baby carrier, a gorgeous baby hammock and even a complete homeschooling curriculum!


No matter why you decide to join Mothering we’re sure you’ll discover a myriad of benefits for years to come. Our strong and active community is ready and waiting to help you with your parenting dilemmas, congratulate you on your triumphs and offer a dose of daily fun.

We hope to see you in the community soon!
The Mothering Team

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