Wiki Guidelines


Wiki guidelines: 
Wikis are intended to be used as sources of natural family living information for our community. This can include lists from Due Date Clubs, resource information on various topics or how-to tutorials. 
Wikis must abide by our User Agreement and are subject to moderation just as discussion threads are. Wikis with inappropriate content will be removed, and the creator will be contacted.
Wikis are intended to be documents containing useful, factual information. A wiki should not be an ongoing conversation, personal opinion or self-promotion. 
Staff and the wiki creator have the ability to lock their wiki to limit editing, however, as wikis function best as a community effort, it is better to limit the locking of wikis. 
MDC administrators will be using the wiki feature to place forum guidelines and information for easy viewing. These will be locked once placed.
Any wiki posted under the Mothering username is considered sponsored content and has been placed with permission. Advertising or self-promotion in member-created wikis is not allowed. If you see an inappropriate wiki, please click the flag icon at the bottom of the wiki to report it to the staff.
Please email with any wiki-related questions. 

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