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Win a complete homeschool curriculum (for one grade of your choice from K-8) from Oak Meadow!!

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Question: How do you encourage good citizenship (either local or global) in your homeschooling efforts?

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1,127 thoughts on “Win a Complete Homeschool Curriculum for Your Grade of Choice (K-8) from Oak Meadow!”

  1. My son is learning about pumpkins. We will be measuring and playing with pumpkins Friday and Thurs. we go to a pumpkin patch. My daughter is learning letters and the sounds they make weare on G.

  2. I’m a fan of both on Facebook.

    My children are learning all sorts of things! Today: new words, reading, weather – speciifically tornadoes, Christopher Columbus, and more.

    I have friends that use Oak Meadow and I’d love to win.

  3. We are about to start our very own Waldorf Homeschool Co-Op tomorrow! We have been working and planning all summer and are so very excited to have our kiddos playing and learning together. We’ll be telling The Apple Star this week and making applesauce next week. I can’t wait to get started!

  4. Weather, American Revolutionary War history, studying Degas, addition of money with regrouping, letter writing, Latin, ballet for the elder….

    and for the younger, early reading and writing, lots of arts and crafts and outside time, along with nature study.

    Sounds fun, no!? πŸ™‚

  5. My 2 year old is learning about colors and animals. My kindergartener is learning reading basics. My second grader is learning writing skills, including spelling and punctuation. My fifth grader is learning cursive (he was never taught in his public school).

  6. My daughter is learning to communicate, and is using new words almost daily! She loves books and music, and is starting to enjoy simple puzzles. She likes to sort through things and organize them in her own way.

  7. Our children(ages 3 and 4) are learning about so much! We have a new baby so they are learning about caring for a newborn, which led to learning about the make up of breastmilk, which led to a nutrition discussion, human development,and all things related to a baby. It is fall, so they are learning about why the leaves change colors, identifying leaves, etc… They are also learning the value of money and how to add it up. Our 3 year old is learning to write letters, mainly from our 4 year old. We are constantly all learning new things all day every day. There are lessons to be learned in everything around us! These are the main things we worked on this morning, but there is so so much I could write to answer this question!

  8. My Daughter is two and learning EVERYTHING lol. She is into horses and elephants and loves to hear about them, as well as learning letters and numbers. She tries to write as well! I would love to win the kindergarten set and be ready to start with her! It would be amazing!

  9. He is very interested in “chemicals.” He smelled some cleaner in a store, and wanted to know what that “horble” smell was. LOL. So, now he wants to know more about “good” vs “bad” cleaners. So, I’m telling him. He’s only 3, though. It’s all about what he wants to learn. πŸ™‚

  10. My almost three year old is currently learning about anything that she finds interesting. She’s hooked on diggers, dump trucks, and garbage trucks. So we talk and read alot about the different parts of those machines. Plus she loves to sing and is making up her own words to familiar songs.

  11. My almost two year old is learning all about fall right now and LOOOVES pumpkins! He’s also learning about the baby that is due any day now πŸ˜‰

  12. My youngest is learning more about phonics and math. I’d LOVE to win this…she has Asperger’s, and the public school system has already failed her once and is letting us down again this year by not evaluating her in time to actually benefit her.

  13. My 3 year old is learning about letters, counting, and fine motor skills…like drawing lines and squiggles! He’s also learning about “everyday” skills…like cooking and cleaning up after ourselves! It’s a GREAT age to focus on learning!

  14. My 3 year old is learning about the rain cycle, asking me lots of questions about how and why it’s raining outside so much and when the sun’s coming back. Also about Fall, lots of questions about the leaves changing color and making things to do with Fall.

  15. My 4 year old is working on her alphabet (drawing the letters), letter sounds, spelling, and reading. We’ve also been working on basic math principles and telling time. This is just a few of MANY. I always like to incorporate learning into as much of our day together, learning is FUN!

  16. My daughter is researching Japan and Japanese culture, learning about how to be an ambassador for our region’s watershed, doing lots of math (which she loves!), studying ancient world history, and preparing to perform in our town’s community Halloween event. She is also learning how to master a video game called Minecraft. Mostly, she’s learning how to stay awesome. We love Oak Meadow, and we love Mothering. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi, Aside from the 3 R’s we love earning Girl Scout badges. Science, history and home economics are fun to learn at home! Hope everyone has a great school year!

  18. I am a fan of both Oak Meadow and Mothering on FB and real life! πŸ™‚

    My kids are learning the phases of the moon, storytelling, letter writing, poetry (Shel Silverstein), knitting, recorder and lots more! We just releases another swallowtail butterfly that we watched transform…. Everyday is another wonderful day of homeschool learning πŸ™‚

    Off to share this now…

  19. We are learning our letter sounds, numbers, about the amazing world around us and the people that live in it. There are so many fun things to do, especially this time of year!

  20. My daughter is eight. We are learning about Leonardo daVinci and the Renaissance period. We are also doing a six week study on outer space. πŸ™‚

  21. My 6 year old daughter is currently learning about what the animals are doing to get ready for winter. She’s in the first grade OM syllabus, so she’s also reviewing the alphabet, keeping a calendar, and learning the basics of the four processes in math. Crystal

  22. My preschoolers are learning about Autumn and the wonderful things that come with the season. My 3rd grader is learning about Ancient Hebrew culture and cursive writing.

  23. My two year old is curious about everything! She loves pointing out colors and is all about nature right now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. My son is learning the letters and getting really excited about reading. Is is picking it up as we go along our letter journey!I am a fan of MOthering and Oak Meadow on facebook

  25. Eldest is starting to knit and designing a Norse Mythology theme park, and both have been measuring everything with mini-tape measures.

  26. My 3 year old son is learning about his letters and numbers. This week we are learning about the letter I. He’s learned about inchworms, igloos, iguanas, iceburgs, Italy and how to say hello and goodbye in Italian. Plus much more! πŸ™‚

  27. My 2.5 year old is learning her alphabet right now πŸ™‚ We recently started a pre-school curriculum for homeschooling her because she is so interested in shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet! I’m a fan of both pages on facebook, now to share πŸ˜‰

  28. My three year old boy is learning about spiders, which there seems to be a plethora of around our house! And also about the changing season. We’ve been collecting acorns, leaves, and other natural things for craft projects. We also keep an eye on the groundhog who lives near us gorging on greens before he goes into hibernation. My son also loves to count things and so far he can count up to 12 πŸ™‚

  29. My son is learning about the period of time just before the Revolutionary War. My daughter is learning whatever she catches of that! They are both learning about polymers in science along with Mathematics and Language Arts at their respective levels. (K and 5th)

  30. I am a fan of Oak Meadow, and Mothering on Facebook.

    My son is learning about the ocean, and all the sea animals in preparation for our trip to the aquarium on Friday.

  31. My oldest just started pre-algebra, my middle is reading greek mythology and my youngest is learning how to read. πŸ™‚

  32. I reposted the post through FB so friends may enter to win. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway.

  33. My 3 year old is learning about the fall season. This week’s circle time focuses on squirrels and nuts. We collected different types of acorns and will be making home made nutty snacks this week.

  34. I am a fan of both on Facebook!

    Our 4 1/2 year old daughter has been learning days of the week and phonics lessons. We have been working on sight words and teaching her to read since the summer and tracing uppercase and lowercase letters. We are a seminary family and over much thought and prayer have decided to homeschool our children from preK-12. My husband’s ministry will require us to travel a lot and having the opportunity to win a cirriculum would be a blessing for our family. Thank you for this giveaway and good luck to all of you!

    God’s Blessings!

  35. My four year old is learning everything he can about dino’s, earth, tools, and farming. He loves learning. My 23 month old loves learning what her brother does!

  36. We are reading stories about fairies and festivals. We are crafting, listening to music and dancing. We are discovering why leaves change color in the fall. πŸ™‚

  37. My kids are very involved in a production of the Nutcracker right now. 8 yr old son is a soldier, my 11 yr daughter is a wood nymph and 18 year old big sister is playing the Mouse King much to everyone delight. We will be watching a version or two on the TV and learning about Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

  38. Right now we just finished learning about Columbus, pumpkins, apples and the seasons! I would love the chance to win a fuller of curriculum as right now we are very mod podge and I think his would be a great opportunity for both of us – I would love to get the 3rd grade package

  39. My 6 year old is doing a lot of beginner reading, studying the human body, and he just asked if I would teach him to tell time! My 3 year old is very interested in letters and sounds.

    I already like both on Facebook.

  40. This is our first year homeschooling. My daughter is 5 and in kindergarten. So right now my daughter is learning to homeschool and that school can be fun!!!

  41. My 2 1/2 yr old is learning how to recognize letters and numbers. We are also working with textures and homemade playdoh. She is also learning about recycling and re-using things to help our earth πŸ™‚

  42. My 7 year old is learning math with two and three digit, and getting better at reading. My almost-5yo is learning K level math and phonics. We’re also learning about community helpers.

  43. Today it was answering my three year olds questions ‘ do lizards have teeth and why?’ and ‘what are magnet’s made out of?’ ( i wasn’t prepared for the 357 questions a day this soon!) ….more generally this week it’s been the season change and why/solar system.

  44. I’ve ‘Liked’ Oak Meadow and was already a fan of Mothering.

    My 2.5-year-old is learning upper- and lowercase letters. We’re working on counting from 1-20 (and discussing 0 being the absence of anything, being none). We’ve been discussing different animals and what is an herbivore, omnivore, carnivore. We’re working on letter-sounds and using them to understand what words are (‘cat,’ ‘in,’ ‘out,’ and ‘go’ being the easiest at the moment). Honestly, every day we encounter something in our environment that needs talking about, and we do. πŸ™‚

  45. I’ve also just shared this giveaway through a post on Facebook. I have a lot of homeschool family friends who might be interested! πŸ™‚

  46. I am homeschooling my 4 kids. We use oak meadow and we add studies of interest. Right now we are learning about grain crops. We live in a very rural area and are fortunate enough to go out in a barley field and have the farmer teach us about growing and harvesting the barley. My kids got to climb into the combine, walk in the fields, hold the harvested barley, watch it get cut, and so much more. Then we came home and read, wrote and created beautiful barley artwork. We even added some of it to our seasonal corner. I love being a teacher, I get to learn with my kids!

    Oh, I have already liked both on Facebook.

  47. My 3 and 5 year old are learning their letters and sounds and their numbers as well as how to help prepare food and sort and fold laundry, and care for their baby sister. They are involved in every aspect of the house and family and each comes with it’s own lesson to learn πŸ™‚ I have looking at OM for so long now and am praying that this is my chance to try it out!!

  48. My daughter Alice is only three weeks old but she is learning to lift her little head, see the world, and communicate. We hope to instill a love of learning and exploration in her for her entire life!

  49. I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page. I have also “liked” both Oak Meadow and Mothering for sometime now!

  50. My children are fascinated with American history at the moment, and they are constantly learning more and more about nature and animals.

  51. I liked both on facebook.

    My girls are learning a lot about playing together and we’ve been really exploring fall- all the colors, sights, sounds and smells!

  52. My daughter is learning about being a big sister and about “reading/telling stories.” I am a fan of OM and Mothering on facebook.

  53. My 5 yr old is learning about the stone/bronze/iron age and Roman invasion of Britain in preparation for a field trip to Stonehenge and ancient Roman baths. Also, the relationship of colours-watercolour painting, sculpting with clay and beeswax, climbing trees, identifying flowers/insects/stars,making art with natural found objects, weaving little rugs and blankets on twig looms for our dolls house. Feeling the shapes of letters and learning phonics, maths with treeblocks, building rockets from cardboard boxes, listening to classical composers, reggae and playing the guitar and today he spent a while wrapped up in tissue ‘being’ an Egyptian mummy πŸ™‚ Would love to have more rhythm and be a bit less hectic, a curriculum would really help us πŸ™‚

  54. We are currently learning about life out of doors and on the farm. We are learning our letters, their sounds, and basic math. We are also reading tons of books to her. We visit bookstores at least every other week in search of something of different and exciting. We incorporate arts and crafting to make the lessons more engaging and fun. We also take many short trips to local fairs and markets. We use every trip as a fun supplemental way to learn.

  55. right now my daughter is outside playing with friends and I’m sure learning about something

    my son is taking a bath with measuring cups and he just got done learning how to clean the bathtub with baking soda.

  56. My 4 year old is currently learning about water color painting-his favorite, and the basic of picking up after himself and getting along with others. We are also doing a lot of baking and nature hikes.

  57. Right now, he’s learning his first words. He’s just started figuring out that his father and I respond to ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada.’ …and also to crying, which means he’s learning to whine to get what he wants too… πŸ™‚

  58. We are learning about fall and changing weather, my older boys are studying the salmon returning from the ocean to their home stream!

  59. I liked both on Facebook (well, actually I had already LIKED you guys a long time ago).

    I also shared this post on my FB page …

  60. I’ve tried to leave a comment answering the question TWICE and it is not showing up. ???

    Have you received that from me?



  61. We are learning about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We are baking and painting and making gifts for family members. We are observing nature and reading books about it. We are reading the Wizard of Oz. We are teaching the little one to read (per her begging request). We are knitting and doing a theater group. We are going on field trips. We are having FUN!

  62. My son is learning the alphabet letters and numbers 11-30. We are also teaching about seasons and holidays as they come up. My little girl is trying to learn to grasp objects to play with or bring to move and rolling over with control, rather than just with gravity.

  63. My 6th grader loves pre algebra my 4th grader loves science my 1st and 3rd graders- geography my peek and toddler Learning abcs and sounds

  64. This week, because it is Fire Safety Week, my daughter Megan is learning all about how to keep herself and others safe from fire. Because Columbus Day was on Monday, we are also talking about Christopher Columbus, and how he discovered America. Fall is upon us and the climate has really started to change, leaves changing their color and falling to the ground has my daughter out and about with her galoshes and experiencing the earth changes all around her.

  65. almost 6 year old and 3 1/2. we are reading for hours and hours…charlotte’s web, anything ronald dahl or newberry, the little house series…. learning letters and sounds, upper and lower case. author and artist studies, currently a favorite is monet. addition, subtraction, lots of questions about big numbers. learning about money and change. the universe and black holes are big topics over here as are reptiles and all things in the yard, birds, chipmunks (did you know the mating call of a chipmunk sounds like a loud chirping bird?!) food preparation, singing, dancing….. thanks for the opportunity!

  66. My boys are learning about seasonal changes and how it is different each year. We had a very warm September and have been enjoying watching our sunflower go to seed and our biggest strawberry harvest ever! We are also learning how to sew in order to make flags for community marching band, and coming up with some new recipes for baking bread. We love homeschooling! These sunny fall days are my favourite part of the year.

  67. Aside from studying the seasonal changes of Autumn, my daughter is currently engrossed in ancient Egypt and Greek and Roman mythology.

  68. We are teaching our daughter by example 6 important things in life we belive she will need,they are:

    Financial (saving,budgeting,credit),Thinking (reading,critical thinking),Success (motivation,passion,procrastination),

    Social (compassion,love listening),

    Pratical (organization,cleaning,household), and

    Happiness (enjoy life,find a purpose,be present).All these we belive she will need and we belive that Oak Meadow represents in the curriculum.

  69. My 10 yo is learning all about the American Revolution, statistics and probability, and how to conjugate Latin verbs. My 4 yo is learning about vowel sounds and how to make apple pies. My 1 yo is learning to climb onto the counter to steal crackers from the cabinet!

  70. We are currently exploring the natural world – talking about the different kinds of birds and trees, watching insects and squirrels, etc. We’d love to win the preschool – or kindergarten – curriculum!

  71. Right now my oldest child is learning about early Egyptian history, how to read a map, adding with money, the systems of the human body, how art galleries are organized and old paintings are restored, animal habitats, the different forms of matter, and a million little things that could fill ten books. Our family is learning so much every day, together, and I credit homeschooling for that.

    My youngest child is learning how to get into absolutely everything that she shouldn’t.

  72. My 1st grader is learning about frogs and rocks. My older 2 are learning about Newton’s Laws and reading some classics. My 2 yr old is learning to feed the guinea pigs.

  73. My 2 yo is working on her letters/sounds, shapes, and experimenting with water & writing. 4 yo ds is also working on his letters/sound combinations, same/similar, autumn (life cycles of trees, fungi, etc.).

  74. My 4yo is working on letters (writing them, thinking of words that start with them, coloring pictures of the words) and preschool math skills. I’m looking forward to more!

  75. I shared this! As a second entry, we’re also learning about maps and the concept of state/city/island where we live, and where others live.

  76. My 12 year old son came home from our resource library the other day saying he has been independently studying “other peoples’ belief and culture”, letting me know he “would like to learn more about people around the world”. The current books he is reading are on Greek Mythology. Last few years he studied the bible and some Buddhist philosophy. I then took him to see the Dalai Lama at a

    My daughter who is ( 10 )and son ( 12 ) both are in a class learning how to use a compass in an orienteering class.

    I could go on and on about everything they are learning. Not a day goes by that something isn’t learned about sociology, that is for sure!

  77. My 2 year old son is learning about big “grande” and little “chiquito”. He’s pretty good at telling you if something is big or little, but he insists that he and mama are both “GRAAAANDE”!

  78. My 4.5yo twins are currently learning about autumn, apples, the life cycle of the butterfly, and sharks. We are also working on prewriting skills and fine motor development.

  79. My eleven year old is learning about science in several forms-Animals, plants, astrology, experiments, and even cooking.

  80. My 5 year old is busy learning to read more and more words right now. He’s currently laying on the couch reading a book in his undies!

  81. My 3 year is learning his ABCs and 123s. He learning to do more chores around the house by sweeping the floors, feeding the dog and gardening.

  82. We are currently HSing 3 differents grades right now (K, 4th, and 9th). The girls are currently studying the Revolutionary War, biology,pre-algebra, addition, subtraction, the letters of the alphabet, beginning reading (for my youngest), and poetry.

  83. My youngest has been learning about Fall, Leaves and Animals on our Farm. We have also been doing a lot in the kitchen…..preserving, baking and learning about how much our food and food storage

    has changed over the years!

  84. My daughters (ages 4 and 7) were just offered the unusual opportunity to join a Bulgarian Children’s choir. So now they are learning about the traditional clothing of Bulgaria, as well as children’s folk songs, how to pronounce all of the words in the songs, and the translations of the songs. It’s a really interesting experience. It’s a great learning opportunity for them and, I’m learning right along with them!

  85. My kindergarten aged children are learning about Autumn, harvest, and the cycles of change in life, death, weather, planting, sowing, harvesting, etc. My oldest has also become fascinated by math so we talk alot about counting and numbers.

  86. My older children are studying American history and enjoying nature walks and also learning about the human body as well as plants. My baby girl is doing lots of outdoor play, hands-on activities, and natural learning.

  87. My daughter is learning about frogs and what they can tell us about the overall health of an area, and my son is enjoying immersing himself in all things pertaining to the ancient Celts. Today my daughter checked out from our library several books on Jamestown and Pocohontas, while my son found one on trash and recycling, probably spawned from a recent trip to our local waste-to-energy facility. My youngest son, four, loves cooking and baking with me. Lots of fun stuff happening!

  88. 4 year old Gus is learning about being the “older” kid in the house (our housemates adopted a newborn 4 months ago), he’s learning about metamorphosis by watching some caterpillars turn into chrysalis (after watching frog eggs hatch, tadpoles grow legs, and frogs be released), and he has expressed interest in learning more about shadows.

  89. My girls are learning about having their own business. They are working through cost of supplies, hourly wages and what is acceptable barter. They are making friendship bracelets and necklaces. They have been shopping for supplies with their own money that they have saved. It is a really great experience for them and our community has really supported their efforts. We are also constantly talking about the seasons, fall is coming on fast here. Even though fall is coming, we are working with season extension farming, since we are farmers. They helped put together a small greenhouse today with us so we can continue to grow food over the winter. Also this time of year they pick out something to be for Halloween and we study that. Since they picked Celtic goddesses we have been studying them.

  90. My kids have been learning about weather and weather forecasting. Identifying trees and plants, and astronomy. Today they made weather vanes with cups, straws and string. They have a monarch caterpillar and several baby stick bugs, and two guinea pigs they care for. We attended a renaissance faire last weekend and watched a performance of Taming of the Shrew.

  91. Right now we just finished studying about the pharoahs! We are moving into the difference between animal & plant cells. I just ADORE Oak Meadow curricula!!!

  92. Well, my sons are learning a lot about physics – climbing, pulling, and mostly lots about gravity. They are 11mo. My daughter is loving learning to sound out words and is learning some basic math. Also about gravity, from her brothers.

  93. My son, four, is learning about … sharing, resolving sibling conflict without parental input, leaves, knights, Jacques Cousteau, and The Beatles. My daughter, 14 months, is learning about … sharing, resolving sibling conflict without biting, running, walking while holding objects, and giving really loud kisses. (I like/am a fan of both of you on FB!)

  94. My girls are learning about owls right now. We’re capping off our owl lessons by visiting a nature center that has a birds of prey program.

  95. We are learning about early, early Americas, as in the earliest native people, using Mann’s book “Before Columbus,” and comparing that to early societies in the middle and far east. Very fascinating!

  96. My five year old is learning how to take care of his little brother and he’s learning how to take care of the earth. He is learning how to plant bulbs, rake leaves and make our yard a place that animals would like to make their home and we can spend time together.

  97. We are reading the Tale of Jolly Robin from Oak Meadow’s 2 nd Grade curriculum. My 7 yr old and 6 yr old are each beginning to read independently from Mouse Tales, and Little Bear books and I am about to start reading them Dr. Dolittle! πŸ™‚

    Today we did a lot of Math! πŸ™‚

  98. My 5 year old is reading, doing simple math problems and learning to tell time. He is also working on calenders–days of the week ect. My 4 year old is working on writing his letters and numbers and sounding out small words. My 2 year old is working on his numbers and potty training!! My 9 month old is working on crawling on her hands and knees. We have also been doing nature walks, exploring the change of the season and doing projects with apples and leaves.

  99. My 5 year old is learning about telling time, basic addition/subtraction, reading and does lots of detail drawings and paintings. My 3 year old is learning to write the first letter of her name, basic counting, singing songs, drawing people and having fun:)

  100. my kiddos are immersed in acting out, talking about and reading about the revolutionary war. my older two are learning to spin on a drop spindle and my youngest is finger crocheting miles of cord. we are going to a sukkot celebration tomorrow so there has been lots of talk about that, as well!

  101. I am a fan of Oak Meadow and Mothering on Facebook. My son is learning all about physical and chemical changes (his choice) and the Tale of Benjamin Bunny. We’re doing an interesting hybrid mix of Oak Meadow K and unschooling.

  102. I actually have two school age children. Our 13yro. is in the 7th grade and currently working on alegbraic equations, the American Indians and their influence on Texas history. Our pre-k 5yro, Peyton is still learning through play. We are currently working on the letter “e”, lots of library time {which she loves}.

  103. Right now it is American history and natural science. We have visited a colonial encampment, grown mold, built a compost bin, and so much more. We all love learning together.

  104. My oldest is learning how to read. My middle child is learning about letters and numbers. My youngest loves to color and paint. I have been looking at Oak Meadow and am interested in using the curriculum.

  105. We’ve adopted a “class room” pet, so we’re learning how to take care of our new guinea pig “Mr. Peanut Butter” (who is a she, by the way). The 3 year old called her that, so it stuck! (pun intended)

  106. This week my 3 year old daughter is learning about things that are commonly red, she is reviewing counting to ten, and -being very nature oriented- she is learning about gardening (which she loves to do!). Today we re-potted several house plants and even gathered a few “baby” foliage plants from outside our home to pot. We had a blast!!! My 20month old son is learning the names of objects he hadn’t before payed much attention to as well as learning along side his big sister (he is currently her shadow!) I attempt to teach them both on their own levels and we seem to be able to mingle the two fairly well as well as have at least some alone time for each of them. I love this age they are at; so very eager to learn and play play play!

  107. My two year old son is learning about autumn, Halloween, El Dia de los Muertos, and skeletons. He has really taken to this month in particular and all of the Fall festivities it has to offer. I will be a guest teacher in his Mother’s Day Out class on Thursday and will read aloud “Dem Bones,” by Bob Barner and will play a version of the African-American spiritual to all of the kiddos. We will also make a skeleton craft out of q-tips and cotton balls. It’s been a fun month and I’m so happy to be able to share my love for early childhood and art education with his classmates on a monthly basis!

  108. My 4 year old daughter is working on phonics, and on her way to learning to read.

    My 3 year old son is learning to recognize letters, and write his name.

    I would love to use this curriculum to help them on their way.

  109. I have been a fan of Mothering and Oak Meadow on Facebook for a while now! I just shared this blog post on Facebook so more folks become aware of these two wonderful resources and this fantastic opportunity!

  110. My 4th and 5th graders are learning how to diagram sentences, weights and money, plots and tensions, types of hawks, and the difference between prairies and the sea.

  111. I shared on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    18 yr old is studying Japanese, 15 yr old is baking a cobbler. 5 & 8 yr old are playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

  112. My daughter (age 6) loves babies and stories. She’s very into Rugrats of all things. By watching all the episodes over and over, she’s learning about plot structure, malapropisms, social structure, sarcasm, and consequences, among other less identifiable things.

    My son (age 2) plays with his wooden trains all day long, which is of course about free play, but also fine motor skills, colors, patterns, engineering, and physics. I love seeing the connections he makes in the world to his trains.

  113. Both my children ages 2 and 3 are currently learning their ABCs and 123s. They are getting pretty good so I’m hoping to teach them how to spell their names and remember our phone number. They are definitely little sponges at this age. I think having this curriculum would be amazing. I’m already a fan of both FB pages.

  114. My 3yo granddaughter is learning to write her name, and about nocturnal animals among other things. πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a generous giveaway! cokelush at gmail

  115. My boy is learning the Norse Myths. He is currently reading Children of Odin and we are doing corresponding activities and lessons! we are also making our own runes from fallen willow branches! We are of course learning other things… but this one is his favorite πŸ™‚

  116. My son is learning about architecture and building. We’re making a geodesic dome out of straws and pipe cleaners, learning about scale and drawing plans, and helping friends mud their straw bale studio.

  117. My oldest is currently learning about African fables, poetry, basic math facts and animals. My youngest is learning his letters and doing basic math skills.

  118. My one and only has learned his ABC’s and how to spell his name. He is fascinated by how things work and driving mommy’s car.

  119. We are in Oak Meadow week 7. My sons studied seeds, and yesterday we took a walk to the library to begin our study of local Native Americans.

  120. My oldest is really interested in learning arithmetic, so at the moment that is what we are going with for her, she also loves to cook so I have her help me whenever I can or when she wants. My middle child is learning how to write letters and numbers and my youngest is learning as we go from his older sisters but at the moment is happy just painting and playing with his trucks.

  121. My 4-year-old is writing letters, spelling words, and taking some first initial steps towards reading. He carries his magnadoodle around for a good chunk of most days and copies words he finds around the house, or asks me how to spell certain things. Since he started doing this a couple weeks ago, he has come to recognize simple words like “on,” “off,” “bed,” “zoo,” etc.

  122. I have twins in first grade. Right now they are learning double digit subtraction, Egyption history, nocturnal animals, character, setting, plot, etc (for writing good stories), and you can never get a book out of their hand.

  123. My oldest is learning how to read which is amazing, my 3 year old seems to be picking up an amazing number sense, and my 11 month old is learning how to WALK!!!

  124. My three year old is all about painting with water colors and helping to care for our chickens. She’s big into Beatrix Potter stories as well. Would love to win the Kindergarten curriculum!

  125. My son is doing Oak Meadow 2nd grade, we just finished making our own paper as part of our ancient Celtic studies. My daughter is doing preschool learning processes. We love Oak Meadow and plan to use it for years to come!

  126. My fourth grader twins are involved in Ameritowne, are learning fun ways to memorize math facts and involved in seeing all the everyday logical uses of them, and just enjoying learning about places or people of interest. They are now taking guitar and violin lessons. My preschooler is enjoying learning along with them but mostly does free play.

  127. My 5 and 9 y/o are learnign about volcanoes right now! My 5 y/o is working on his OM kindy curriculum and moving along in his alphabet main lesson book. My daughter is moving through The Wizard of Oz. I have used a number of curricula but Oak Meadow has been the best so far. Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. My 4 1/2 YO is learning about Fall and how animals and plants are preparing for a Winter; she is also learning when is the best time to “harvest” milkweed pods, how to press fallen leaves and what grains backyard birds like the most

  129. like/fan OM and mothering!

    We are on H week from the OM kindy book. πŸ™‚ we are also really into doing science right now and i just lucked into a crystal growing kits at a garage sale so we’ll be doing that too.

  130. My 5 yo asked me this morning to talk with her other parents (two households) about spending more nights with me as their household is busy & she doesn’t get to sleep until late. Right now, she’s learning about standing up for your rights and negotiating, but doing so with love and respect for others. I can get angry at her other parents for ‘neglecting’ her or I can be firm and assertive. The lessons I hope she will take thru life from this are that you need to respect yourself, your needs and your choices, voice them and stand up for them, even in the face of family, and later, peer, pressure, but always try to treat others with respect at the same time.

  131. My son is learning his alphabet through Waldorf stories. We are also focusing on Autumn and the seasonal changes during our homeschool week.

  132. My 4 1/2 year old little boy is all about letter sounds right now, and always loves working on mechanical and construction projects with Daddy. My 2 year old is loving counting and working on his colors.

  133. We are exploring wet-on-wet painting and coloring with block crayons. Also learning about Autumn through lots of nature walks, preparing the soil for next year’s garden, and fine motor-skills, like buttoning and putting on belts, etc. We are also learning songs from Come Follow Me to use throughout the day. And also bread baking, almost daily because we eat it so fast (love spelt!!) !!

  134. Right now my 9 year old daughter is reading Island of Blue Dolphins and learning about anything we can think of that sort of loosely ties in, dolphins, whales, the Pacific, Alaska, North America, islands, Native Americans, the sea and some Russian words!

  135. my 5 and 2 year olds are learning about bugs, worms, chicken eggs, making juice from our grapes, how the vacuum works and watching cement dry and harden. The Seasons are a huge focus as the trees and leaves give us endless opportunities to explore the changes of Autumn.

  136. Right now we are learning about Autumn and talking about how different animals get ready for winter, while we prepare for it as well. My oldest is also taking an interest in maps and geography in general so we are reading about different places in the world. Right now we are reading about France and they’ve each picked up a few words in French as we go along.

  137. My eldest is learning piano, geometry, and patience.

    My middle child is reading/learning everything she can find about the ocean.

    My youngest is learning numbers and how to cut things with scissors.

  138. Right now my oldest is learning about fall and farms, in anticipation of a farm-pumpkin patch field trip next week :). He’s also loving playing with letters and words.

  139. My 6yo is learning how to tell time on an analog clock. She’s also really into wild foraging right now.

    My 4yo is practicing writing her letters and numbers on any and all surfaces and is beginning to identify sight words.

  140. We are having fun with a lot of imagination play with both my 3 year old and 1 year old. We have also been coloring, investigating all the different sounds our instruments make (yay for family band time!), and building train sets. We recently introduced my 3 year old to chores – he has three simple chores a day and is loving helping us out and seems to be very proud of his responsibility.

  141. My almost 5 year old son has been learning some geography (due to our traveling lots lately) and this week we started learning about portion sizes and daily food intake. I’m trying to show him how we need more than just mac n cheese in a healthy diet!

  142. We are learning about owls this week and are celebrating the autumn season by taking lots of nature walks and collecting things for our autumn table.

  143. This week my 3 year old is learning about what animals are doing in the fall in preparation of winter like stocking up on food, migrating, and eating up in preparation of hibernation.

  144. Thank you, Mothering & Oak Meadow, for this opportunity!

    I have one child using OM 5th grade – we started the year a little later than normal, so her focus right now is on word problems (LOVE how OM explains these – it is not a strength for her!) and the scientific method. Taking field notes is what she’s excited about; we will be combining our Oak Meadow supplies with the Kamana young naturalist program and “sit spot” concepts.

    My other is using OM K – at 4 he already knows his alphabet and was starting to teach himself to read; Oak Meadow’s alphabet stories bring fantasy and fun into something that could easily be too dry for a “Little Professor” type who is trying to push ahead. We are working our way through those a little at a time to keep things RELAXED.

  145. (Amongst many, many other things) my almost-4-year-old is learning to sew, with a big plastic needle and yarn on hole-punched cardboard. My almost 1-year-old is learning to walk!

  146. We have 4 very active boys, so we have everything from algebra to phonics to the 5 little pumpkin song!! Mostly though, how to be a responsible, caring, well rounded adult.

  147. My son Caleb loves to learn just about everything. He loves reading books and is learning to spell words in sign language. He is learning why leaves change colors and learning to cook (with Mama’s help of course). He is a bundle of joy and imagination. I can’t wait until he starts 1st grade home schooling.

  148. My 6 year old 2nd grader is learning about “doubles” in math, and how to bubble in a circle for standardized tests in social studies. When she gets home she will write on her blog, and do “number puzzles” (pre-algebra). I am learning about how to home school her so we can start really learning next year!

  149. My son is learning about families, counting, loud and quiet sounds in music, the day of the dead in art, and probably lots me he hasn’t shared with me. I primarily would use the curriculum for long breaks from school.

  150. My son is learning about simple additions with concrete objects, fairy tales, drawing and cutting for motricity, and anything that he asks is a topic for an investigation πŸ™‚

  151. My son is fascinated by numbers right now. He’s only four but is determined to figure out why 34 and 43 are not the same number. So fun to watch him grow!

  152. Lucas just turned 2 so we are learning all about fall and pumpkins! He is enjoying the textures and the colors that fall brings.

  153. Right now my 3yr old daughter is learning about Super Heroes (has decided on Spiderman for Halloween) and blowing bubbles with gum (watching Mom do it while she pops them). Some lessons are just fun πŸ™‚

  154. right now we are learning the history of our path ( Wicca), and about our local Native Americans. As well as what every other 3 & 4 year old kids learn, Abc’s, counting , simple math, and science ( picking apples and making apple sauce!).

  155. My daughter is currently learning about animal species-she is of preschool age. Would love to win for kindergarten!

  156. We are learning about what is going on around our house right now: Autumn, pumpkins, apples, and local wildlife (especially tarantulas!).

  157. We are learning the two’s times table, cross-cultural oral (his)stories, division with tangibles, modern dance, yoga, recorder and all of this is regularly and liberally interspersed with imaginative play/narrative storytelling (especially surrounding dragons and dinosaurs.)

  158. We are learning about how the human body works…, what it takes to keep us healthy, helping to cook foods that nourish us and that being part of a family means working together to keep our home a clean, calm and orderly place.

  159. Liked and Shared on Facebook!! My child is currently a PreK student learning basic phonics, social studies, animals, Bible, etc. We are loving homeschooling!

  160. I use OM with my 5-year-old “1st grader” and he has blown past the tangible multiplication (much to my suprise) and is multiplying in his head. He is also learning about simple machines, the phases of the moon, and is a master finger knitter (what do I do with all those chains?? Christmas tree decorations, I think (: ). He loves his “school” time so much that I have to plan extra stuff to keep him occupied!

  161. Question: What is your child learning about right now?

    My 5 year old is informally learning letter sounds and counting. We just finished raising lots of caterpillars into butterflies. We hatched and released 20 monarch and buckeye butterflies. A great science learning experience for my little bug lover.

    I added a picture of the day we had three monarchs hatch!

  162. Division, multiplication, cells, Sumerian history, map skills and he usual reading/writing/language art, music, art etc πŸ™‚ I like both sites on fb. Thanks πŸ™‚

  163. We are learning about math thru weaving on embroidery hoop looms, then transitions into science and spiders still using the looms.

  164. Well, I have a hardworking preschooler that is learning to play the game. Sigh… honestly, I think that’s all she’s learning. Her teacher would say that she’s learning how to write her name and all of that (which is true) but, I think mostly she’s learning what she has to do to get a sticker. Bleh! That’s why we’re going to be homeschooling for Kinder!

  165. I hs my 11 y.o. daughter who is somewhere between unschooled and eclectic and my 22 month old twins. My daughter is currentingly spending time learning about computers and animation, by making videos with

    The boys are learning sign language and eat sleep and breath anything elephant.

  166. I have also shared this post on my facebook page. I have liked and fanned a while back. so.

    Thanks you for your consideration. πŸ™‚

  167. My daughter just turned 5 last month and we have started OM’s 1st grade curriculum. We are loving the science! We are studying moon phases, weather, wind, direction north, south, east, and west. We are also talking about animals and how they meet their basic needs.She has also started reading (before we have even started learning letter combinations with our lessons). Math is a joy for her and she is successfully completing math problems with all four processes (+-x/). We are very glad that we found Oak Meadow!!!!

  168. Middler schooler is learning about the Greek gods, he’s doing a family tree of them πŸ™‚ 3rd grader is learning about fairies and multiplication and the 2nd grader is learning about leaves-his choice oh and we’ve all been learning about clouds this month.

  169. My twelve year old is learning German, studying WWI, and exploring European geography. My fifteen year old is studying the weathering of rocks in Geology and how to drive a car (yikes!). Of course they are doing a lot of other things. These are just a couple of highlights.

    Thanks for the contest!

  170. Right now we are learning about local connections to the Hudsons Bay Company, how electricity works via solar, wind, ect.

  171. Hey there – already a fan of both on Facebook! Right now our oldest, who’s not yet four, is learning about gratitude. We all are really. πŸ™‚

  172. We just started homeschooling our 5 year old and we have a 27 month and 15 old who *hopefully* will follow. It’s a totally new thing and we’ll take any help we can get!

  173. My 12 year old triplets are working on Roman history, Math, Russian, Latin, typing, how to use library resources, Language arts, ecology, art and music. All thanks to the Oak Meadow Curriculum! Love the program and only need to add the foreign languages and typing to make it complete :o) Have used it for 3 years now!

  174. My little one is loving practicing her letters right now, my son is obsessed with wars and anything military rightnow and my oldest daughter has a new fascination with the buffalo. πŸ™‚

  175. Although only 16 months old, he is learning waldorf traditions of circle time, daily rhythms and today bread making. He did an excellent job of sifting flour! Also, making felt balls with bells!

  176. My 3 year old is learning everything he can about dinosaurs right now. And weather. My 1 year old is learning to climb πŸ˜‰

  177. My son, Phillip John, 6th grader, is learning about the creation of the Universe, and astronomy, he just amazed with the videos and concepts.

  178. My fourth grader is learning about Earth, the blue planet, mother Earth!! He is looking onto finding other planets from other solar systems that may have life!! He is also starting to learn algebraic expressions and is learning about mythology!!

  179. sharing on facebook for a second chance! learning about dinosaurs, visited the T-Rex exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! Reading the Wind in the WIllows.

  180. Shared on Fb. My eldest is learning suffixes, addition, and about senses. My younger daughter is learning her numbers, and letters.

  181. My oldest is learning her phonics and working on some basic math. As well as learning a lot about bugs, we just moved to the country and she has been finding all sorts of new creatures.

  182. My daughters are learning every day! Right now they are interested in learning about birds, particularly the migrating birds here in NH!

  183. Oh, we learn everything! Life is learning. Today? The life cycle of a pumpkin, where our meat comes from, and that some dragons have horns.

  184. My kids are learning that Blessing starts with B, Buddies are Blessings, and 2 is the number of people it takes to make a friendship! Reading lots of library books about friendships; Little Bear Makes a Friend is a good one, because Bear starts with B. Also exploring the autumn leaves & reciting poems about autumn.

  185. Academically, my children and I are studying Ancient History using Story of the World, Chemistry using Real Science 4 Kids, and math and language arts through real life experiences and worktexts. We are also learning how to interact with the culture of our new host nation: Japan. It’s so interesting to be immersed in a culture so different from our own! We just started scouting here and there is a local japanese scout troop that we will be doing a lot of activities with. We are all so grateful for such an amazing experience, and the fact that we homeschool allows us to take advantage of many more opportunities than we would be able to if my kids were in school for most of the week. Namaste!

  186. My son (11) is learning about bees this week. We are starting off reading a few stories about bees, then watching “vanishing of the Bees” on Netflix and topping it all off with a trip to a honeybee farm on Saturday. We may even try to sneak in some baking with honey!

  187. My 5 ye old son is learning about the butterfly life cycle, keeping the oceans clean, organic tropical gardening, hawaiian language, and history. He also asked today what an hour glass is and how big was the largest hourglass made.

  188. My 3 yr old is learning about the Bible, the days of the week, painting, and simple crafts that emulate the seasonal changes. I already “like” OM and Mothering on FB.

  189. We have been studying trees and how plants grow. I so enjoy watching them learn and love learning some things right along with them!!

  190. Since we just moved to a new state, we are learning about the flora and fauna in our neighborhood since it is very different from where we come from!

  191. Currently we are learning about colors, counting and the names of lots and lots of objects. He’s in the middle of a language explosion and his desire to know the name of everything is insatiable! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  192. Right now we are working on H and all things H (horse, hay, honey, hot, hamster, hiccup, hand, head, hair, happy, hippo, etc), basic addition and subtraction (every week :p), and primary colors and what is created when they mix. I am “winging it” working on preK and K stuff with my 5 year old right now. We have another on the way next summer. I would LOVE to have a curriculum to follow next year. It would help me tremendously.

  193. My 2 year old son is learning about shapes and colors. He also loves construction equipment and is learning the names of various machines (excavator, backhoe, bulldozer, etc).

  194. Math and reading! And state capitols, history, science, art basics, etc. I love Classical Conversations! Never thought my 5 year old could retain this much!

  195. Latin, life cycles, violin, how to do basic chores around the house, early modern times, social skills and frequent walks in nature.

  196. We are learning about Latin Verbs, George Washington, Our 5 main senses, states and capitals, counting by 9’s and 10’s and Irregular Verb Tenses.

  197. I have like everyone and shared the blog on Facebook. We are studying latin, ancient medieval history, chemistry, math, diagramming sentences and much more.

  198. We are loving learning about the real history behind columbus and who really discovered this land, even though it was already inhabited by “native americans”, the europeans “discovered” it and many things both good and bad came from this.

  199. Life, sharing, caring, equal rights, cooking, cleaning, and responsibility. School-wise: K and 3rd grade math, physical science (stages of matter), the middle ages, reading, and language arts.

  200. My daughter is currently learning how to dress herself, shower herself, and put on her shoes. We are also reading a lot about animals, dinosaurs, and space. She is only 2 1/2 yo, so I let her guide me to what she is interested in learning.

  201. We’re learning about Pioneers, Manatee’s (which are a slight obsession of my 6 year old!), piano, and theatre. And the kids aren’t the only ones learning….I’m learning and remembering lots of new stuff too!

  202. This year the older boys are reading about the middle ages, writing code in Python, doing chemistry experiments, and playing guitar and piano. The youngest enjoys nature study, playing with numbers, and attending art classes. We have also been taking advantage of beautiful October weather by visiting orchards, sculpture gardens, and the Renaissance fair.

  203. Our ten year old daughter is learning about ancient Egypt, Geometry, piano, riverlife, art, and Spanish. Our eight year old son is learning about Shel Silverstein, piano, multiplication, riverlife, art, and Spanish. We LOVE Oakmeadow! Our daughter is using the 6th grade curriculum.

  204. What is my child learning about *right now*?

    80s pop culture via her dad and Howard the Duck. Total parenting win right there, I know!

  205. Right now we are learning the letters through fairy tales. We will be studying the letter “F” tomorrow. We are also doing a lot of nature study, since the weather is so nice. We just got back from this season’s first camping trip, only hours ago! Hurray for Autumn!

  206. What aren’t we learning about? Of course we are covering all the school subjects, but my son is also learning to be a good citizen, how to take care of himself (ie cook and clean and sew, hygiene, etc). Every day is a new adventure for us these days!

  207. Kids are constantly learning! My 4 year old is obsessed with writing, she is always asking me which letter is which and likes to copy it a zillion times. Very cute!

  208. Normally, I would reply with art, history, dance, and piano with details but this week came with a hard lessons to convey and internalize. Without going into long details, we have discussed death of a friends father and an animal.

  209. Right now my child is learning spanish, she was recently learning about North Korea, She is learning about writing and poetry. She also has recently started using an internet curriculum for some computer time. She’s 6, subjects change a lot as they come up πŸ™‚ I’ve been interested in trying oak meadow for some time!

  210. My daughter is learning about abstract shapes and how to combine them in ways that make figures and larger pictures. Very fun stuff!

  211. My kids are learning about typing, sewing and dollmaking, phonics, entrepreneurism, and world history, among other things!

  212. They are learning the alphabet, word families, typing, reading, doll making, knitting, building, all about the weather, and so much more!

  213. My 3 1/2 old is learning basic phonics right now, days of the week and we’re reading a lot of classic stories right now. Any Kindergarten supplies would be awesome!

  214. My oldest (2nd grade) is studying Ancient Egyptian History as is my middlest (1st grade) and my Kindergartner is learning to write her letters πŸ™‚

  215. we use the oak meadow curriculum with our kindergarten-age son. this week he’s learning to write Es and 3s. of course, he’s also learning all the time. yesterday we were at the food market learning about various root veggies and mushrooms!

  216. We’re using the Oak Meadow Kindergarten syllabus right now! Right now we are reviewing the letters ABC. We would love a 1st grade package for next year! Thanks for the giveaway.

  217. My children are learning so much it is impossible to list it all, aren’t was all always learning something new? Lately he has been focusing a lot on the weather, natural disasters, trains and all of the other basic R’s. My daughter is younger so we focus more on fun with colors, shapes and numbers rolled in.

  218. we are learing about using microscopes and recording what we see in a journal, german, and reading πŸ™‚ this is am awsome giveaway!! thank you for the oppertunity!

  219. My children are learning about the early explorers to the American continents, long division, grammar, creative writing, spelling, atoms and molecules, cooking, and all the wonderful things they are curious about everyday.

  220. My 8 year old is learning about ancient egypt, the circulatory system and our normal reading, writing and math. My 4 year old is learning about the number 2, the letters A, B & C and about the autumn. πŸ™‚

  221. As the migrating monarchs come through, we are butterflies, butterflies, butterflies right now. We are raising some from egg in the kitchen window, watching them in our butterfly garden, catching and tagging them in the yard (Monarch Watch). It’s great fun to just stop everything else and be present (and learning from) nature’s rhythm.

  222. My oldest is 3 1/2 and he is extremely interested in reading right now so we’re just concentrating on learning letter sounds and reading as often as we can.

  223. My oldest is learning to swim, to climb trees, new songs and dancing every day, and gardening. My baby is learning to sit up! And is almost saying mama… We are all learning from the full moon and the ocean here in beautiful Hawaii, where every day is one of discovery and magic!

  224. Right now we new studying phonics and working really hard at learning to read. We are also learning about measuring and other ways to make observations about things. And of course, we’ve always got art projects going on.

  225. We just finished our nature week while on vacation in Seattle…rain forests, giant trees, oceans, mountains, and tons of museums.

  226. My 2nd grader is loving Math right now. She has taken it upon herself to write out her own equations and work them out in her free time. πŸ™‚ I have to make her stop working on Math to go outside and play. My preschooler is loving painting, digging in the dirt and fighting dragons. πŸ™‚

  227. My boys are learning about the War of 1812 this week along with Latin, more state’s and capitals, phonics and reading, and addition in math.

  228. Trying to get into the swing of things, this is our first year. I have noticed that my son loves all things science related so we are trying to do more science stuff and also working on all the basics, but it is fight to get him to do his work.

  229. My son is loving the Life of Fred math books. He is reading biographies of Charles Darwin and Theodore Roosevelt, studying the Greek and Roman myths (and working his way through all of Rick Riordan’s series), completing the BrainPop videos and quizzes in alphabetical order, watching Ken Burn’s “The West” series, and working on vocabulary and spelling. In our weekly co-op he has classes in Karate, creative writing and drama. He is working on his second or third sketchbook of comic books characters. He’s learning a little German with his dad. Jack is chronologically a 6th grader.

  230. Right now, they are learning about imaginative play. They are in their playroom experiencing joy with each other, just being themselves(or mom and dad, princess and prince charming, “cooker” and “eater”, or whatever strikes their fancy!). My children are not bound by mainstream learning requirements. They learn about math by helping me cook and measure. They learn about music when we sing and dance. They learn about history when we visit sites on field trips. They learn about science when we go on nature walks to look at frogs, leaves, bugs, birds, clouds… They learn about social skills when we have gatherings with friends of ALL ages. They are well rounded, intelligent individuals and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The sacrifices we make so I can stay home to help them grow and learn are worth it. And we see the benefits every single day in their amazing ability to show us that we are making the right choice for their education.

  231. My son is almost two and he’s learning how to talk more, how to follow directions, how to use a pick on a guitar, how to spin around, and I think he’s learning more about the world than I even know about. It’s so cute to watch.:)

  232. our second grader is enjoying her math lessons, while our preschooler runs around trying to spell his big sister’s spelling words and playing in our potted plants (the jungles as he calls them)…

  233. We reluctantly enrolled our 7 year old in public school last year because of some Asperger’s limitations. Now in 2nd grade we’ve realized our mistake and I’m so eager for the year to finish so I can keep him at home and do some ‘damage control’. He’s improved greatly with social behavior due to the great team of ‘specialists’ at the school, but academically he’s lost and falling deeper into a pond of quicksand full of ‘expectations’ and ‘statistics’. This is exactly what we always tried to avoid!! He is a true artist!!! extremely intelligent and with so much potential!!! So what has our child learned? He’s learned to read a bit, to communicate his feelings and frustrations, and tons of great social skills. I wonder how homeschooling parents in my position deal with the social aspects of a kid in the spectrum…

  234. We are learning about the oxygen cycle this week! My daughter was fascinated to learn that we need plants to breathe and plants need us to breathe too! The concept helps us all realize everything has a purpose. πŸ™‚

  235. right now my daughter (five) is copying letters and words from everything she can. πŸ™‚ Other than that, we are learning about days of the week and holidays… Halloween!

    xo, b.

  236. Aishah — I replied about 7 posts up from yours, but I did not mention that one reason I’ve always homeschooled my son is because he has Asperger’s. (His sister attends school.) I try to arrange playdates, field trips, park days and now this new co-op to make sure my son gets enough social interaction, but as he gets older and the academic expectations grow, it is harder to fit this stuff in. Oh, and we sometimes go to our UU church. I have been able to find quite a few other kids who are quirky like him and whose parents I also enjoy being with. He has several very close friends and some neighborhood kids who also like to hang out with him. We have been lucky compared to some. If you would like to chat more you can find me at or Anne Marie Smith Blackmon on facebook.

  237. My boys are all learning the seasons and why leaves change colors, different trees that change colors while other do not. We are learning some trees have leafs and some have needles, as out life science.

  238. My 5.5 yr old son who is diagnosed with down syndrome is learning upper and lower case letters, their sounds, and about fall.

  239. Right now my son is learning the alphabet and the phonetics of reading. We are also teaching him his numbers 1-20. He is four years old.

  240. Our children are 3 years old and we are working on letters, numbers and the changing seasons and upcoming holidays! πŸ™‚

  241. My 2 month old is learning about moving his head, cause-and-effect of his hands against other objects, and new facial expressions from his mama and grandma.

  242. Like you both on Facebook. Right now my oldest son is perfecting writing numbers 1-20 and the alphabet, as well as beginning some reading skills.

  243. Like both sites:)

    Right know we’re learning about the seasons, harvest, gardening, Halloween, plant life, lower letters, number bonds…

  244. My children are learning life skills, geometry, algebra, continued reading comprehension, sentence structure, and history (the truthful kind) also they are continued practitioners of kindness, compassion and empathy. This is all done at home! I am also a student, an adult learner at Washington State University, studying Human Development. Oak Meadows curriculum would be a blessing to my family right now as we are struggling in the current economic climate! Thank you for the consideration.

  245. My daughter (four yrs old) and I are learning about dinosaurs, the food chain, and greater than/less than concepts. It has been great fun discussing how/where dinosaurs fit in the food chain. She loves to tell people the T- rex’s eat other dino eggs. She is enjoying using food and toys to work with the math concepts of taking away and adding.

  246. My 12 year old is learning about all the hormones that are racing through his body and my 9 month old is learning to move her little body.

  247. My son is 2 1/5 and is learning that no one can make him do what he doesn’t want to do. It is giving him a great sense of self and empowerment. I love it even when he’s refusing to get dressed a streaking down the hallway.

  248. Our daughter is 2.5 and is learning about numbers, letters, shapes, play, colours. She is very smart and love to explore kindergarden books and exercises. Would more material. Thank you for this great chance.

  249. Like both on FB. What are our kids learning currently? about letters, numbers, self-care, autumn olives, crafts, math, cooking & baking, the Wall Street Occupation, yarn crafts, life……

  250. I liked both and shared on Facebook.

    We have 3 kids: 40 months old, 26 months old and 6 months old. All three are very smart and learning constantly through playing, baking/cooking, family outings, reading books and us teaching them. Our 40 month old daughter know all her ABCs, can count to 25 and know all her colors. She can also read some, draw pictures, knows about street signs and lights, and a ton of other things. We are starting addition with her. Our 26 month old son is not far behind her, although within the last 2 weeks, his speech has improved so much. Our 6 month old is learning his surroundings and independence and cause and effect. He is also starting to talk.

  251. Thank you for the opportunity to win the curriculum.

    jaslinn77@yahoo(dot)com Thank you!! Interested in Kindergarten mostly! πŸ˜‰

  252. My daughter (she turns 4 on 10/28) learns so much everyday!! Lately, we’ve been really focusing on learning her letters and the sounds they make (phonics). She wants to read soooo badly!!! She tries sounding out almost everything she sees lately and it is so amazing!! We’ve also been practicing counting and adding. I would love this pack as I plan to homeschool at least through 8th grade. Thanks! I liked you on Facebook and shared your page.

  253. we are learning how to read. my oldest is 3.5 years old and very interested so we are taking baby steps and feeding her interest.

  254. My son is 3 1/2 and we’re learning about social skills, and we’re reading a lot together. We also do a lot of sensory play.

  255. My daughter is 6…we’ve already mastered letters and phonics, now we’re focusing on reading. We’re learning addition, subtraction, time-telling, and she made a 100% on her last spelling test (short a words). We also keep a daily diary where she draws pictures about anything she wants…the seasons, the holidays, gymnastics classes, etc. She’s asked for an ant and ladybug farm for Christmas…so that will be our science studies. πŸ™‚

  256. My daughter (6) and my son (4) are learning simultaneously about money, US geography and years, by using grandma’s gift, a commemorative Statehood Quarters collector’s album that goes from 2004-2008. They’re loving it!

  257. My 5 yr old is learning about butterflies, blends and digraphs, writing letters, self and anything else that tickles our fancy!

  258. We are learning (among other things) about chipmunks, multicultural creation stories, fractions, and the American Revolution!

  259. Introducing physics to my 9 year old, I asked if he knew what it was. “yes,” he says. “ok, what is it?” I ask. “ok, I don’t really know” “well, give it a try. What do you think it might have to do with?” His response… “The physical properties of matter..?” ok then πŸ˜‰

  260. My son is learning about the history of the world, in particular the Midwest. He is also learning some mental math tricks and learning to read fully! πŸ˜€

  261. My first grader and 6th grader and I have been out collecting white rocks, pinecones,different types of fall colored leaves and drying for a future project, cutting beach grass for making grass baskets and wreaths and observing the eagles and the ducks leaving for winter.

  262. My daughter just turned 2 and we’re working on numbers and colors. Along with learning how to share πŸ™‚ We plan on using Oak Meadow curriculum when she is old enough- it would be great to get a head start!

    Thanks, Kate.

  263. My children are 4.5 and 2. My four year old is currently fascinated by space and, more specifically, our solar system. My two year old is excited about identifying colors and counting!

  264. My four year old is learning through “work” and play. He loves doing writing work, learning about the different parts of plants/flowers, and is starting to grasp basic addition. He also loves to help daddy build things and mama to bake/cook….there are so many different ways to learn and we try to incorporate them all.

    My 4month old is learning through LOVE, attachment, and Wonder about the world around her. Her fascination and interest in her surroundings spark a light in her eyes that is awe-inspiring. I love to watch her trying to digest the wonders of the world

  265. My kids are having a great time currently learning about the solar system, as well as the gardening projects we have going on at home. This includes building a compost bin and planting an herb garden. It has led to many discussions regarding chemical processes and the vegetables we eat.

  266. My daughter is learning about animal life cycles, basic fraction, sewing, reading, but her favorite thing right now is learning about piranhas ….since we just got one for a pet πŸ™‚

  267. Hello!

    My 4 y/o is learning about horses, letter sounds, patterns, number sense – in particular adding and subtracting with single digit numbers, building and design, water and sand play, riding a bike, and the hardest one of all…sharing with a little sister! Her little sister, who is 8 mths old, is learning sounds, crawling, feeding herself and taking in the world.


  268. My 6 year old is learning to add and how to read. My 4 year old is learning how to count, and add. My 2 year old is learning the alphabet, and my 8 month old is trying to walk! πŸ™‚

  269. I have liked both Mothering and Oak Meadows on Facebook for a while now. My 15 month old is loving learning about animal sounds, counting, opposites, the alphabet and letter sounds, how to TALK, and many other things! She is just an absolute sponge πŸ™‚ Right this second she’s getting her shoes, doll, truck & books so we can go BACK outside (her favorite place)! I plan on homeschooling and may even include 2 or 3 of my godchildren (2-6 yrs old) so the pre-k/kindergarten programs would be perfect for us!

  270. My daughter is learning about the seasons, colors, animals, and plants, through storytelling, playing, and plenty of time outdoors.

  271. My 16 month old is learning colors and counting. He can count to 3 so far and identifies 5 colors. I am so proud of him. I can’t wait to teach him more!

  272. My daughter is 5 and she is perfecting the writing of her letters and letter sounds. We are also practicing simple addition and subtraction, learning about nutrition, humidity, immune systems…. Oh and I liked and shared!

  273. Right now my third grader is learning hot to multiply and how to write in cursive. What he most enjoys spending his time on are his art class, and choir practice!

    My Kindergarten kiddo is learning all about rhymes, letter sounds, and how to be a good neighbor. The classes he loves best are music class, and PE.

    I love watching them learn it never ceases to amaze me!

  274. My son is 5 and is facinated by ants. We have ant anatomy diagrams on the chalk board, an ant farm and participating in My 1 year old is learning the nutricional value of ants by eating them.

  275. My 3 1/2 year old is learning about letter sounds, rhyming, manners, and toilet training! My 21 month old is learning about manners, sharing, and communicating. I am planning on homeschooling next year when my son is 4 1/2, and I would love to win an Oak Meadows curriculum!

  276. I encourage good citizenship by using lessons as jumping off points to initiate discussions with my children which bring to focus onto the people around us, and how we are responsible to not only ourselves and friends and family, but also the world around us because its all connected.

  277. We balance our service with friends, family, neighbors, supporting national and international efforts. I also take the girls to political events. Service and Voice.

  278. We establish good citizenship by making kindness a habit, working on various community projects, and volunteering weekly in a local free supper program. We also support Heifer Int. and Unicef, by giving friends and family donations in their name</