Win a HABA Kringelring Teething Toy from Julabug!


Enter to win a wonderful HABA Kringelring Teething Toy from Julabug! One winner will be chosen to win this ring today, Wed Dec 1st, at 5PM ET. Enter by leaving a comment below.

My son has one of these rings, and just loves it!!

More about Kringelrings:

Bright, vibrant rainbow colors adorn the fun Kringelring Clutching Baby Toy. Your child will spend hours discovering this grasping and teething toy with his tiny hands and inquisitive mouth. His senses will be stimulated as he notices the differences between the smooth wood rings and the separate colored sections. Grasping skills will be enhanced as he holds the toy and spins the smaller rings. Sturdy beech wood materials come only from PEFC-certified sustainable forests in Germany

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