Win an Organic Baby Hammock from Hushamok!

baby hammockThis giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!


The randomly chosen winner is Jennifer! 


Jennifer says, ”4th baby due in October. This looks so relaxing!”  Congrats!! You will be contacted by email. 


Win an Okoa Sustainable Beechwood Stand and Organic Baby Hammock (valued at $500) from Hushamok!


To Enter


“Like” Hushamok on Facebook and make sure you are a fan of  Mothering on our Facebook page – and then leave a comment on this blog post for entry.


For a Second Entry


Share this giveaway with friends and post a second comment letting us know that you did.


Entries will be taken until 11:59 PM PT on 8/30. One very lucky winner will be randomly drawn on 8/31!


About Hushamok


We understand how important sleep is for you and your newborn baby.


Transitioning from the womb to the real world can be hard for babies so why not make it a whole lot easier with Hushamok. Our hammocks are a natural alternative to a baby bassinet or crib. With it’s natural swinging and rocking motion Hushamok hammocks induce sleep in babies and keep them asleep longer. They are also ideal for those babies that suffer from infant colic and reflux.


Who Sits Behind the Big Red Curtain?


Mark and Julie Soboil founded Hushamok in 2006 after the birth of their first child, when a friend recommended a traditional baby hammock. The baby hammock worked wonders in soothing their restless and unsettled baby.


As much as they loved the concept of this 1000-year-old invention, they felt it needed updating to meet the demands of today’s parents.


With Mark and Julie’s backgrounds in Environmental Sciences and interest in using eco-friendly and organic materials, their journey to design modern baby furniture began. A year later Hushamok began selling its inaugural product, the Hushamok baby hammock.


The couple and their team of committed designers are immensely proud of their creations.


Hushamok operates as a family business in both the US and beautiful New Zealand that they now call home along with their two boys, Lucas and Leo.




Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM  PT on 8/30. The winner will be announced the day after on the blog and facebook. US and Canadian Residents only, except where prohibited. Two entries per person, one for liking and posting a comment and a second for sharing the giveaway with friends and posting a second comment. Please read the full rules before entry.


Please note: Our system holds some comments for review. If you leave a comment or comments and they do not post immediately they are still stored by our system and will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours. Please do not leave more than the two valid comments (as outlined above) as it could disqualify you. Thanks for entering! 




Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one’s best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.


495 thoughts on “Win an Organic Baby Hammock from Hushamok!”

  1. PICK ME! Pick me! OMG this is too cool! I want this for my niece’s baby. Do you make them in adult sizes? I’m like a big baby.

  2. I love this! Please enter me in your contest to win one. If you ever decide to make one for the Mommy, let me know about that too. Looks absolutely dreamy.

  3. I saw a hammock on another site and thought it would be great to have for our next (someday) baby, but would never be able to affordable one. Just lovely!

  4. I would adore to win this! I had hoped to get one when we were preggers and it was just too much for our baby budget. This would make me so happy.

  5. Would love to win one of these! My daughter cried all the time when she was a baby and this would have been a lifesaver. Now we are expecting #2 so I’m definitely looking into getting something like this.

  6. I love the idea of babies sleeping in hammocks! A lot of them do in other countries and i think it makes way more sense than a crib. It reminds me of Avatar too ! (My favorite movie!)

  7. P.S

    I do want to say though that these should come down in price if they want to seriously get competitive with cribs. 😉

  8. That looks awesome! I think my boys and I would have gotten a *lot* more sleep if we’d had this around! Can’t wait to test it out when/if #3 arrives 🙂

  9. I have heard so many amazing things about this product! I would love the opportunity to have one and put my baby to a restful sleep!!!

  10. Also just posted it on my business FB page. I am a family wellness practitioner and prenatal specialist and thought it would be a perfect fit for our page!!

  11. Oooh, I shared this on FB – We’re expecting baby #6 just before Christmas, and this would be such a great Christmas present!

  12. I liked this page on Facebook and left on a comment on there a well. This would be an amazing calming space and welcoming to earth for any wee one, including the beautiful one growing in my belly! Thank you for sharing Mothering, its always a pleasure to visit your site, I am very grateful for all you have encouraged me and enlightened me with during my transformation to motherhood 3 years ago. Would be a wonderful to win this beautiful hammock

  13. Such a beautiful and calming sleep space. My 11week old needs movement to fall asleep, this would be a beautiful addition to our home and a welcome respite for this tired mommas back!

  14. This looks amazing. We are having another baby soon and being older this time we are alot more in touch with what our baby needs as opposed to how “cool” baby items are. This product looks so amazing and seems like an amazing space for baby when she/he isn’t in our arms. Fingers crossed.

  15. I love the crescent moon design and the natural materials. We had a baby hammock imported from Viet Nam for our firstborn. It was made of metal and when she got older we had to duct tape all the sharp edges. The rocking made all the bolts come undone. I hope we can wina new one for the next baby…

  16. I have been pining over these hammocks for several months, now, maybe with my 4th babe on the way we can keep him cozy and sleeping in a Hushamok! here’s hoping we win!

  17. I could really use a baby hammock since the baby will be in our bedroom and it takes up way less space, plus it’s safe for him too.

  18. Love! The Hammock is BEautiful. The Facebook page is chalk full of goodness {including their latest ‘No Shoes’ Post. I can’t wait to learn more about this company. Thank you for sharing them and for offering such a wonderful prize!

  19. Liked on Facebook…. fingers crossed, I’ve wanted one of your hammocks since my firstborn (just had my second wee one a few weeks ago).

  20. What a beautiful and restful place to put baby to bed 🙂 I would love one of these hammocks for my new baby boy. I wish I knew they existed before my 3rd pregnancy!

  21. Wow! What an amazing product This would be perfect! Due very very soon and this would be god sent! A momma needs all the help they can get. Thanks for the chance!

    I do LIKE Hushamok and Mothering on Facebook!


  22. Oh this would be a life saver right now. My 2 month-old only naps on me but I have a feeling he would love this, which would give me a bit of one on one time with my 4-year-old. She very much needs it. It’s all like a circle of need at this point! 🙂

  23. I have wanted one of these since my firstborn, but its way neyond our means. Just had baby #2 and I’m so hoping to win!!! Thank you!

  24. I am a foster parent i take in babies that are medically fragile and would love to have this for them. and I very much like Mothering and Hushamok on Facebook.

  25. I have two children with a third on the way due in January. I saw this while pregnant with my second and was so sad we couldn’t make it happen. This time around would be amazing to have this!

  26. What a splendid sleeping hammock! My babe is emerging within five weeks, and would love to offer such cozy and stylish sleep gear to the new love. Nothing like wonderful giveaways to make the introduction to parenthood that much softer. Many blessings!!

  27. Facebook liked.

    Such a beautiful hammock! I love our grown-up’s hammock in the yard, why wouldn’t the new baby love one inside?

  28. I have lived this product since I first saw it in Orlando at ABC in 2007, I believe? I hope to win! Sharing on FB!

  29. I’ve been looking for something like this! I just liked Hushamok on FB and of course already follow Mothering Magazine. Thanks!

  30. Lovely hammock – and it would be a great item to share among friends, family, neighbors. Wish all families with newborns could have one to use for those early weeks.

  31. I have wanted one of these forever, since my daughter was born. Now that I am pregnant again, winning this would be a dream come true!

  32. would love one! wanted one since my daughter was born and now that we are expecting again, winning one would be a dream come true!

  33. This hammock looks absolutely fantastic. What a perfect place to rock and sleep away the afternoon. We had a hammock for our first son but it wasnt as nice as this. Would be perfect for baby number two!

  34. Lovely – We’d have to have a third with this in our mid-century home! Emailed to let my network of interior design bloggers know about this exciting piece!

  35. Liked on fb too. This looks amazing. Would be perfect for our little surprise #3 on the way.After we gave away all our baby stuff.

  36. A fellow mama swore by her Hushamok and while I wanted one very badly, it just wasn’t in the cards $$-wise for us with Baby #1. But would love the opportunity to have one with Baby #2! It’s just beautiful and a great cozy place for sleeping…when not in mama’s arms of course 🙂

  37. Love this idea! I have been looking at hanging bassinets already, but this is by far the most beautiful!! I liked on FB & will pass on to my other pregnant friends 🙂

  38. Lovely hammock. I have always worn my babies and laying them down to do necessary things around our home has been a struggle. This hammock looks like what I have been looking for to keep my baby comfy and cozy during nap time.

  39. Oh wow! What an amazing giveaway! We are expecting #4 in November and I have been scrimping and saving for a hammock. If I won this Hushamok, I would be able to put that money towards cloth diapers 🙂

  40. I would love to let my son rock to sleep in this handsome hammock, knowing that he was in as calm and peaceful a place as he could possibly be.

  41. I love Hushamok! I have heard how great they are from several different friends and placed it on my registry with a high priority! 🙂

  42. so not in to traditional american furniture, especially in the nursery. this would be perfect for our little one on the way.

  43. Nothing more peaceful than a baby fast asleep in a cozy swaying hammock. How jealous I would be as I look on and fold laundry or do dishes! Haha!

  44. Just found out my friend is having her 2nd baby! After struggling through IVF I’d love to gift this too her. She derserves it!!

  45. I LOVE this hammock!! I started doing research months ago and fell in love. The concept is so genius. This is the second giveaway that I have entered for it. Anyway, I have liked Hushamok already which is how I found out about this and now like Mothering too. Fingers crossed!!

  46. sure would love to help lull my baby to sleep, i have to put him down in a bouncy seat to get him to pass out, can’t afford to get a cradle/hammock so am using an ancient cosleeper that doesnt move!

  47. I made my own hammocks for my last two babes and absolutely loved them, but….I think I like Hushamok’s more! 🙂

  48. I absolutely love this! It would be perfect for my 3 month old. I have always wanted one – beautiful design and so perfect for babies!

  49. I adore this hammock…..I used a different hammock with my first, but the Hushamok hammock is easier to get the LO in and out of, and has more room to sway. Would love to win to house my next LO!

  50. Shared with my friends on facebook & liked both!! Hope I win. I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive one for forever.

  51. This is another great example of a modern business model based on sustainability. “sticky branding” and mass consumerist advertising do little for conservability. Love your products!

  52. I think that this is just amazing!! Any baby would be lucky to sleep in this beautiful piece of art! Wish that they made them larger for adults! 🙂

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