Winner of the Birth Skirt from BINSI Announced and a Special Deal!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win a PrimaMama TM Sport Birth Skirt TM from BINSI Labor and Birth Apparel!! (original giveaway post)

The random winner is comment #33 from “Jess E”. Congrats!! Please write webeditor[at]mothering[dot]com to claim your prize.

If you didn’t win you can still get 15% off at BINSI by using the code “mothering” when shopping on their site! (excludes the Basic BINSI Skirt)


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About BINSI:

A few years ago, when women listed their biggest concerns about giving birth, few would’ve put fashion choice high on their list. Today, more women are discovering the benefit of molding their birthing experience to their taste and comfort, using special scents, keepsakes set at eye level, and yes-wearing the perfect outfit. There are countless products out there for pregnant women today, and while the makers of those products don’t promise to turn birth into an easy, breezy carnival ride, research does show that the more women can personalize their birth environment, the less stress they experience; and the lower the stress level, the better women can handle the rigors of labor. Carri Grimditch of Boulder, CO jump-started her own business in 2005 as the creator of BINSI® Inc., a clothing line specializing in unique birthing skirts and tops for women who want more comfort, control, and empowerment in the delivery room. The skirt’s unique design is Carri’s own; her expertise isn’t grounded in the clothing or fashion industry, but in working with women as a certified doula, helping them have the best birth possible by providing assistance and support from start to finish.

About the PrimaMama TM Sport Birth Skirt TM:

Made from amazingly comfortable cotton knit jersey fabric with extra softness, fewer wrinkles and a more casual look. In addition to labor, it’s the perfect skirt for a workout, to wear to the pool or a good long lounge.

* Made from super soft cotton knit jersey fabric.

* Front snaps for a more secure fit, that’s still easy on, easy off.

* Adjustable waist grows as you grow, then shrinks back too.

* Side slits for movement and a super sleek look!

* Bend, sit, squat or walk the halls as needed without any extra material in your way.

* Comfortable under-belly fit accommodates monitoring and stays off sensitive skin during contractions.

* Ideal for home or hospital births.

* Don’t just wear it for your birth! Pull it on for everything from prenatal appointments and yoga to a walk in the park.

Garmet Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Fabric Content: 90% Cotton 10% Lycra. Made in Colorado.

Melanie Mayo-Laakso


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