Winner — Where did you find your baby name?

Thanks for taking part and answering the question, “Where did you find your baby name?”

EVERY response was so beautiful and unique, thank you mamas for sharing all of these amazing baby naming stories. You can read all of the responses on the original blog post and on facebook.

The winner, chosen randomly, is…

“Anna says:

My daughter’s name is Erin Hope. Since we are Irish, I wanted a traditional Irish name for her first name, but my mom pretty much vetoed every name I liked. Then I found Erin in a baby name book, and realized that while it isn’t an Irish name, it is similar to the Gaelic word for Ireland, so it’s close enough. My mom loved it, too, so Erin it was.

Then I had to find a middle name. Erin’s birth had ended my military career. I got out because I knew I couldn’t be a good soldier and a good single mom. Although I didn’t believe in the war, I wanted to be in Iraq with my unit, not at home huge and pregnant. I was in school, majoring in Civil Engineering, and a friend mentioned one day that an engineering degree gives hope for the future. I thought about it, realized I wouldn’t be working on an engineering degree at that time if not for the baby, so by the transitive property, the baby gives hope for the future. For that reason, her name is Erin Hope.

My son’s name is Orren Kiet. Again, I insisted that we do an Irish first name, and it got botched. LOL I wanted to a Gaelic spelling of it, that being Oran or Orin. They were too close to Erin, though, so we decided to use the Hebrew spelling of the same name, Orren. It also means Pine Tree, and since he was born in Georgia, under the pines, we thought that was fitting. Also, my dad’s favorite uncle had that first name, so it’s also a bit of a nod to generations past. Kiet is a Thai name meaning Honor. My husband is Thai, so we wanted a Thai name, too. Plus, it’s awesome that our son’s initials are O.K. Your life CANNOT turn out bad if your initials are O.K.

And no, I did not mean for my kids’ names to rhyme. It just so happened that way.

The next baby will be Sirikit Clare or Chaiyo David. Sirikit for the Queen of Thailand, and Clare for the last county my family lived in before leaving Ireland. Chaiyo is a Thai name we like, and David is my husband’s middle name.”

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