Winners of Recent Giveaways Announced…

Parentless Parents book by Allison Gilbert:

Stacy, #4 commenter

“One of the biggest fears I have is raising my child as I wish I was raised. My mother is gone 10 years now and I’m estranged from my father. I’ve suffered through years of addiction and I’m finally sober with a loving husband and a miracle of a daughter. I’m in therapy right now and we’re working on removing negative self-talk from my lexicon.
I want my DD to have her own experience being raised. I do not want it to be a reaction to myW feelings and how I felt I was raised. This book sounds very interesting to me.”

AKA Approved Happy Belly Bag:

Ashleigh Walter

“What a great giveaway! The teething bagels look great too. I think I’ll make a new treat for my little teether.”

Kicky Pants Valentine Giveaway:

Jill! She chose the blue coveralls, 12 months. Great minds think alike; I gave the same thing to my adorable nephew, Harry.

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