20 Winter Baby Names Inspired by Nature


If you have a new baby arriving in the winter time, or just love the idea of a wintery-themed named, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in the frosty outside.

The winter solstice has passed and, in most places, chilly winter weather is now in full swing. And though it lacks the peppy brightness of summer, the new vibrance of spring, and the warm mellow of fall, winter has its own unique beauty.

The world is quieter, softer, and nature feels at rest beneath icy temperatures and blankets of snow, yet still the natural world carries on, strong and enduring. I had two babies born in winter, and some of my fondest memories are of snuggling up indoors on those most frigid days. If you have a new baby arriving in the winter time, or just love the idea of a wintery-themed named, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in the frosty outside with classics like Jack (Frost) or Holly, and other less known name ideas.

Amethyst: February’s birthstone, a pretty purple gem and an equally pretty name.

Aquilo: In Roman mythology, Aquilo brought the cold north wind that began winter. Boreas is the Greek equivalent. Of course, you can also skip the myths and go with trendy North instead.

Blaze: What’s winter without a fire crackling in the fireplace? How about a name that burns just as brightly?

Camellia: The Yuletide Camellia is an evergreen bush that comes to life in the winter with brilliant blossoms of red and yellow.

Cedar: A sturdy evergreen green tree that would make a solid name for a baby boy born in the winter months, with Cypress as a great unisex option.

Eira: Of Welsh origin, this name means “snow” and can be pronounced AY-rah or EYE-rah.

Finch: Zippy and cute, this bird name gives a nod to the songbirds that endure harsh winter landscapes instead of flying to warmer digs. Sparrow is a similar quirky choice.

Garnet: The birthstone for January, Garnet is a refined name with a vintage feel that would work well for boy or girl.

Hollis: A different take on Holly, this surname turned first name means “of the holly trees.”

Juniper: A enduring year-round shrub, Juniper makes for a fresh and energetic winter name.

Lucia/Lucius: Meaning “light” or “illumination,” these names are an inspiring choice for those dark winter days when we have to search a little harder for the bright spots.

Lynx: A solitary wild cat that prowls the Arctic North, Lynx is cool choice that also has both the trendy “y” and “x” spelling, bumping it up to extremely cool name status.

Orion: A constellation most visible during winter nights, Orion is a brilliant choice. And if you’re feeling particularly bold, Rigel and Bellatrix are two of the constellation’s brightest stars.

Snowdrop: Perhaps a little too out there for a first name, this January birth flower that miraculously blooms from beneath the snow can make an adorable and clever middle name for your January-born baby.

Violet: February’s birth flower lends itself to a first name easily, however, a choice that is soft and sweet yet strong and resilient.

Winter: Though less common than other popular seasonal names Summer, Autumn and even Spring, Winter feels brisk and bold, and certainly fits the bill for a winter-themed name.

Photo credit: Andrew Vargas/Flickr

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