Winter Solstice

Tomorrow at 11:38 p.m., the earth’s tilt away from the sun will be at a maximum. It’ll be the longest night of the year. Unless I’m in the Rocky Mountains with a pair of skis on my feet, winter isn’t my season.

I still plan to celebrate.

I’ve barely noticed that it’s December, and we’re already 20 days in. All month I’ve been planning a huge party for my husband. He had a milestone birthday Saturday night. We invited 40 people over to enjoy different dishes from the nine states and the one foreign country he’s lived in (I just finished eating leftover Cincinnati chili — yum). Between party planning and two big work deadlines (one that was due the Friday before the party and the second that was due the Monday after), I’m pooped.

I’m the type of gal that usually has my Christmas hymn CDs out by October. This year, I haven’t even broken into them. Christmas is five days away, and I’m not in the mood, not even a little. So I think it’s time to take a step back and embrace the season — cold air and all. I’ll pour myself a glass of egg nog (homemade from a wonderful Amish farmer in Pennsylvania). I’ll build a fire. Then I’ll dim the lights, ignite the candles, and simply sit and rest within the arms of winter.

Are you celebrating the winter solstice? In what ways do you appreciate the various seasons?

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