Woo Me Wednesday: Sexy AND Warm? It’s possible.

Snoa Lingerie: “Sexy and Warm at the Same Time”


Before we all get spring fever and start sleeping in the nude, let me sing the praises of Snoa Lingerie.

Of course some of you probably sleep in the nude all year round…but I’m just not one of them. Even on the hottest nights of the year, I prefer a little something. A nightie,  a t-shirt. Otherwise I catch a chill. And when I have a chill, I cannot sleep.

Not only am I a chilly nocturnal type, I also, apparently, throw off a lot of heat (I was wondering where it went)–so much so that my partner gives all of the covers to me, as she’s being blasted by  my furnace-ness. That suits me just fine.

So getting to the point, I am totally in love with Snoa Lingerie. I love innovations like these: someone thought, “Hey, I need warm pajamas, but I’m tired of warm pajamas giving me the silhouette of  a flannel-wrapped yeti. I want to look like a warm, eco-friendly Bond girl!” Snoa Lingerie was launched to solve that very dilemma.

I love Snoa’s Hot Toddy Nightie…

kristina2_293_copyand the Greta Gown (which I own in black).


The shoulder straps are satin, and the nightie itself is made of two layers: on the inside, silk-modal. On the outside, thin wool jersey. They’re sexy and feminine, but not too-too if you have to jump out of bed and soothe one of your children. No need to scramble into something more “modest,” as my mother would say.

The line is a little pricey, but I highly recommend putting it on your Mother’s Day (or belated Valentine’s Day) wish list.

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2 thoughts on “Woo Me Wednesday: Sexy AND Warm? It’s possible.”

  1. While I agree whole heartedly that their product is gorgeous, it is also well out of the average person’s budget. UndercoverWear has some really sexy similar items in the $30-40 range that are soft, comfortable, easy to care for and definitely much cheaper!

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