Wordless Wednesday

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter.

Photo Copyright Photographer Rachel Valley

Much of my work as a breastfeeding advocate/lawyer is about securing a right for mothers to be in public space. That means having a protected legal right to engage in the act of mothering in all the places people get to be. Mothers must own the public space along with all other citizens.

This striking photograph vividly represents the position breastfeeding women are forced into by a definition of public space that excludes mothers as mothers. In order to mother, she must hide in dark corners. Society views her as refuse – necessary but to be kept where no one has to look at it.

See other photos from this extraordinary exhibit on Facebook – at least until the areola police takes it down (see here and here).

So is the photograph shocking or beautiful or does it elicit some other response from you? Anyone ever make you feel like you should breastfeed by the dumpster?

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