Working And Student Parent Forum Guidelines

A note about terminology:



This forum is called "Working & Student Parents" and is devoted to those special issues related to caring for and raising our kids while trying to balance a home business or work outside the home. 

The term "working" may suggest to some that those who are SAHM full time are not considered as "working". We all know this to be untrue. However, our language does not provide a useful and accurate term for those mothers who have major responsibilities outside the family as well as within it. The term "employed mothers" excludes both mothers who are employers and mothers who are students. "Working mothers" may seem to slight women without jobs, but it is all we are left with. 

As a general reminder, most members that are going back to work, working, or challenged with the balancing act, do not regard it as helpful for other members to ask if they can stay at home instead of working.

So, in the spirit of, we are all Mothers, and we all Work, whether we be SAHM, WAHM, WOHM, or some combination of those. This forum, however, is devoted to the special needs and circumstances of "Working & Student Parents," as defined above.

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