World Fair Trade Day 2009

By the Fair Trade Resource Network

Saturday, May 9, 2009 is World Fair Trade Day with the theme “Everything Is Better When It’s Fair.” The range of Fair Trade products has expanded from coffee, handcrafts, tea, and chocolate to sugar, soccer balls, rice, wine, and more. Fair Trade not only offers consumers the means by which to value the people who make our products, but also the opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint.

This year, the Fair Trade Resource Network will celebrate World Fair Trade Day with many exciting Fair Trade Breaks: The World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break, Soccer Games, Drum Circles, Chocolate Tastings, and more! The Fair Trade Resource Network is working closely with fair trade towns to bring festivities to a community near you.

To find out more about the Fair Trade Resource Network, visit

To learn more about World Fair Trade Day 2009 and how your community can get involved, visit


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