WORLD RECORD UPDATE: Simultaneous cloth diaper change record broken April 21, 2012!

Photograph courtesy of Megan Crown, http://megancrown.comNearly 10,000 babies on 4 continents lent their bottoms for a world record-breaking event to raise awareness about reusable cloth diapers on April 21st.  Hundreds of hosts in 15 countries held events centered around cloth diapers on that Saturday.

At exactly 9:30am Pacific Daylight Time, organizers gave the signal for parents to change their babies diapers.  Each site had at least two independent witnesses overseeing that Guinness World Record(TM) rules for qualifying and counting participants were followed.  Their signed statements and photographic evidence were subsequently submitted to Guinness, who verified the results and ratified the official record:

8,251 babies were simultaneously changed into cloth diapers at 189 qualifying locations in 11 countries!

(This far exceeded our 2011 record of 5026 simultaneous cloth diaper changes!)

While another 1200+ babies were changed at 67 additional sites, various Guinness regulations prevented them from counting officially.  HOWEVER, the goal of event organizers around the world was to increase awareness about cloth diapers – – a goal certainly reached in each community holding an event, regardless of whether or not they qualified for the world record!

Countries holding events included Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, and Japan.

Malaysian parents and babies gathered for the diaper change after MIDNIGHT local time!

Hosts and event organizers are already beginning discussions about the next cloth diaper awareness event scheduled for 2013.  For more information (and more pictures from the 2012 events), visit the Great Cloth Diaper Change website.  Hope to have YOU join us (again!) next year!

Great Cloth Diaper Change

About The Great Cloth Diaper Change Ambassadors

We are a team of writers who are all part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change, an international initiative organized with the help of the nonprofit Real Diaper Association. The event is designed to show the world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an exciting Guinness World Record breaking event, and in 2011, more than 5,000 babies were changed simultaneously. For more information visit

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