Yes, the turkey does fit in the roasting pan, honey.

I’ve redeemed myself, I think, by making pancakes for dinner. I am very popular right now. The kids got to festoon them with whipped cream and maple syrup. I also made them Arthur mac n cheese. I was crankymom before that, demanding that they keep their bedroom from turning into a disaster zone before the holiday. We actually made some progress with thinning out their dense toy stashes–they agreed to let me put many of them in a big sack in the garage. Not to donate them, mind you. But meanwhile, lately Goodwill doesn’t even want kids’ toys, nor did the other thrift shop that I tried. What do you do? I imagine a shelter, maybe? I think things have gotten a lot more complicated since unsafe toys were outed.

So here’s my Thanksgiving menu:

Spinach, red pepper, goat cheese, pinon nut salad

Pancetta-Sage Turkey with Pancetta-Sage Gravy

Artichoke, Sausage, And Parmesan Cheese Stuffing

Chestnut, Bacon, Dried Apple, And Corn Bread Dressing

Sesame-Onion Crescent Rolls

Green Bean Casserole (you know the one–fried onions on top)

Mashed Potatoes

Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

Apple Streusel Pie

People are also bringing crudité, a pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, a parsnip casserole, and bevvies.

We’re hosting 14 peeps, including four kids. Two people are only coming for “tea and pudding,” and those would be the British ones. I love British-isms.

I am seriously feeling cowed by it all, but I know it will come together. Finding fresh sage in a store would be helpful. I need 4 packages.


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