Yoga Nidra Nap: Let The Being Begin!

Sometimes I wonder when the drama of running a family ever ends or whether family life is just one big drama that morphs into comedy, tragedy, and the ridiculous?

This morning I woke up to the realization that I’m starting my once-a-day nap this freaking Sunday and my head is still thinking about Dancing With The Stars, the urgent message from Jacob’s school to have a meeting about his smirky-end-of-fifth-grade-attitude towards a kid who’s bugging the bits out of him,  and that I may have overdosed on liquid iron (is the kitchen supposed to spin when you’re making school lunches?).

Equilibrium first, my body insisted. So I Goggled “Iron overdoes symptoms” and found this reassuring feedback:

“When someone takes too much iron, the first effect is irritation and ulceration of the stomach lining. This results in nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting as early as 20 minutes after the ingestion. This can be followed by an apparent recovery, which is very deceptive because a few hours later the person can go into profound shock with a severe blood chemistry imbalance. When too much iron gets into the bloodstream, it goes to all the organs and can damage the stomach, liver, kidneys, lungs, blood vessels and brain.”

Great, I have already done the nausea, abdominal pain and rush to the bathroom. Now I am just waiting for the profound shock.

To make the morning even more dramatic my husband Tim sends me an email that an organization he worked with when we lived in Tanzania with our boys (for 2 months and then returned home abruptly after our house was robbed) wondered if he’d be interested in taking a position with them in West Africa.

Okay, now I may curse. What the F***? It is directly this organization’s fault that we were robbed and now they want us to go back to Africa with them? Here’s the response I emailed my husband:

“I think you can be direct and say we are still recovering from the trauma of our first experience going overseas with them and it would take a lot to convince your wife that they were going to truly look after our best interests when we arrived in West Africa.”

I though this was a pretty nice response given what I wanted to write. I can be polite when I try hard.

So you can see why napping felt like it was barely going to make my list today, like I had to deal with my drama first.Just as I was about to throw organizing my nap time out I remembered a note I wrote on an almond-butter stained paper towel as I was sitting in my car at a light on Wisconsin Avenue yesterday on my way to look at a house for rent (explaining why I was looking for a house to rent will have to wait!). The paper towel was now scrunched up on my staircase. I unfolded it and read the words:

“All our striving to become something just brings us to this place where (ultimately) we give it all up.”

I’d like to take credit for that, it’s so Zen, but this is a quote from Richard Miller, the founder of iRest yoga nidra, from his CD “Your Path, Buddha’s Path.“ It felt like the right inspiration to listen to on my way to experiencing the cutthroat DC rental market. (did I mention we are one of a dozen over-qualified people who want the same house?)

Richard’s point is that our suffering will end when we throw away all our striving and just Be. I have an inkling what he means because I’ve been on a transformative journey once before, but at this moment “Be” is so totally not  the life I’m living. I’m striving, big time.

If yoga nidra can help get me out of this (striving) then I’m in. Totally. Right now.

Richard Miller also points out:

“Doing Yoga nidra you fall so totally into awareness you can’t deny who you are.”

Okay – goodbye drama – my yoga nidra  commitment begins right now.

For month one I’ve decided I’m going to start with my favorite yoga nidra teacher’s CD:  “Yoga Nidra II with Robin Carnes.” You can purchase it directly from her website (I’ll warn you the website is not fancy, but she is amazing!) or you can download it for .99 cents on Amazon. If you purchase it from her website you might want to consider getting her discounted package of all 3 CDs (but your choice!).

Starting on Mothers Day I will use her 22-minute yoga nidra track on that CD once a day. Then the next Sunday (week two) I will switch to her 48 minute practice once a day. Week three it will be back to the 22 minute. And then week four I’ll go back to the 48-minute track. Then we’ll go to a different CD.

I hate rules, so here is what I call my “Napping Boundaries.” (sounds like what a Kindergarten teacher these days would call it!)

  1. Napping can take place lying down or sitting up. Really, anywhere I want to collapse and can be comfortable.
  2. I can give myself a “Nap pass” (i.e., no nap) one day every week, but I’m going to try to keep it to twice a month.
  3. The nap can happen any time of day that works best for me. I’m shooting for noon-2pm because that’s when my body really wants it, but it might not always be practical then so I may do it before bedtime. Many people do yoga nidra at bedtime and it can promote good sleep. (for me,  if I do a long session before bedtime it keeps me up!).
  4. No kids can be in the room when I do yoga nidra. I have to find a quite place even if it’s in the bathtub with the door bolt locked.

Here are some props you might want to use:

(I don’t get a cut of any profits, I just provided links to help you but just Goggle it!)

  1. blankets for placing on the floor and on top of you (or use a bed but not your own bed as you want to delineate where you sleep and where you nap).
  2. A bolster for under your knees. (if you don’t purchase something you can just roll up blankets and create a bolster or use pillows, but it’s super-important to have your knees supported so your back is fully supported).
  3. Eye bag. This is critical for me, makes me feel like I’m at a spa; but might not be for you. If you don’t have an eye bag you can use a folded washcloth over your eyes.
  4. Pillow to support your head.

Well, for now, that’s enough to get you – and me – started! Get your yoga nidra bed ready, on Mothers Day the Being begins!

Who needs drama?

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