You Don’t Have to Leave Home With These 7 Date-Night Ideas

These 7 stay-at-home date night ideas will help you balance baby time with couple time.Healthy couples make time together a priority. These 7 stay-at-home date night ideas will help you balance baby time with couple time.

No matter how much, or how little, time you two get together, remember that whatever time you spend together should be focused on one another and your relationship. You will likely be interrupted to care for your baby, and your date night may even be short-circuited by an all-night crying spell. But even 15 minutes together, focused on one another, each day can make a huge difference in keeping you two connected through the early newborn months.

With all of these ideas, it works way better to spend time with your partner while your baby is asleep. But if your baby needs to be in close physical contact with you, babywearing safely can meet baby’s needs while giving you room to be fully present with your partner. Here are some fun ideas:

1. Dinner and a Movie

The classic date night is eating at a nice restaurant and getting close in the movie theater. It’s even better at home, snuggled together in bed or on the sofa. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant, or maybe from that new diner you’ve been wanting to try, watch a Netflix movie, and you’re all set to go.

2. Game Night

It’s important to mix up date nights. Doing the same old thing over and over can cause a couple’s relationship to stagnate. How about some board games or card games? See who can win the most games or earn the most points, then get creative with the winnings.

3. Cook Together

Plan a menu with a couple new recipes, or make up your own recipes. Then, both of you get in the kitchen together. Gone are the days where the wife was expected to make all the meals. Many men are excellent chefs in the kitchen. If the hardest part is doing the dishes afterwards, use paper plates and plastic silverware to make clean-up a breeze.

4. Under the Stars

Lay together on a blanket on the grass on a warm summer night. Another comfortable spot is on a trampoline or in a hammock. Look for constellations and planets in the night sky. If you have a telescope, you can make this even more fun. Consider naming a star through a registration site, and then using your telescope to find that star.

5. Tasting Party

Peruse your nearby supermarket for all the expensive foods you typically wouldn’t include as part of your weekly grocery budget, but you always wanted to try. Pick up some fancy cheese, sourdough bread, unique produce, a few deli items, or anything else you’d like to try. Then have a tasting party. You may just find your next best midnight snack!

6. Dance Lessons

Many couples like to dance, but not as many couples know the steps to the waltz, country two-step, or polka. Find a YouTube video to a new dance, clear the floor, and learn how to tango.

7. Plan a Vacation

Even though your next vacation may be months or even years away when baby is older or when you’re more financially recovered after hospital bills, it can be a lot of fun just batting around ideas of where to visit next. Take time to dream really big, even if you know that you may never be able to take that vacation to Italy or Australia. It can be fun just planning what you’d do if you could. And then take time to plan a vacation you can envision yourself on. You can start your budget to save up for it now, plus looking forward to it may help you get through those sleepless nights with baby that lay ahead.

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  1. Great article!
    Parents are living in disbelief that leaving their children to go on a date is selfish. They are not aware that date nights will benefit your children as well. You are modeling healthy relationships to your children. Your kids watch you pursue, enjoy, and respect each other. You represent what a date is (pre-planned, intentional time alone), who to date (your spouse, one special person), and why you date (to focus on your relationship). This will stick with them as they begin to date and into their future marriage as well.

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