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Last Monday, I wanted to write a blog post about a great children’s store I stumbled upon, but I caught the stomach flu. Drafting the blog in my head was as far as I got–I didn’t have the energy to open my laptop, let alone type. This week I’m back at 100%, and I’m ready to talk about Scribble Press. Check it out: you bring your kids to the store–a fully equipped art studio–where they write and/or draw their own story. With printing and bookbinding on-site, your child leaves with a real book.

Oh, my. I would have LOVED something like this as a kid. I remember drafting my first book in grade school. I scrawled it in pencil on one of my dad’s yellow legal pads. I’ve since misplaced it, but I recall the story. I titled it “That Dumb Old Piece of Hair” and it was about a woman who had a strand of hair that stuck up out of place. She tried all different ways to fix it (wearing a hat, taping it down, etc.), but nothing worked. In the end, she accepted her flaw and even grew to embrace it. On each page, I drew stick figures of her failed hair-taming adventures.

Scribble Press was founded by two moms. In addition making books, ($15 and up), your kids can participate in workshops, parties, and classes. So far Scribble press has locations in Los Angeles and New York, but you can order an Author’s Toolkit ($28.95) online and make a book from home. I couldn’t tell from its website if they use paper with recycled content and/or paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or Sustainable Forest Initiative. Greening the industry is one direction I hope more book publishers will embrace, regardless of whether the books are published by adults or tiny tots.

Do your kids like to write books? What stories do they tell?

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