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Alternatives To Punishment  

little boy looking upNeed some help with punishment alternatives? Copy this list and post it where you can see it, as a constant reminder.

  • Use positive reinforcement.

  • Create a positive environment.

  • Say yes as much as possible.

  • Save no for the important things.

  • Use natural consequences.

  • Use logical consequences.

  • Use restitution.

  • Leave it up to your child.

  • Compromise.

  • State your expectations, and get out of the way.

  • Give specific instructions.

  • Give a reason.

  • Offer help.

  • Give a choice.

  • Redirect your child.

  • Remove your child.

  • Make positive statements.

  • Give in occasionally.

  • Give your child time to agree.

  • Simply insist.

  • Make rules.

  • Ignore some behavior.

  • Avoid nagging and threats.

  • Distract your child.

  • Use humor.

  • Make it a game.

  • Be willing to admit your mistakes.

  • Stop and think before you act.

  • Don't make a big fuss over little things.

  • Stick to routines.

  • Don't hurry your children too much.

  • Get to the root of the problem.

  • Correct one behavior at a time.

  • Give yourselves time.

  • Use the golden rule.

  • Model appropriate behavior.

  • Think of your child as an equal.

  • Always keep your love for your child in mind.

Mothering › Child Articles › Alternatives To Punishment