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And You Thought YOUR Belly Was Big

Here’s a picture of my friend Karen when she was nine months pregnant with her son. She’s comparing bellies with a friend who was almost eight months along.KarenPregnantBelly

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Are you sure she's having just ONE???
I was this big with my first. There's a photo of me standing next to the crib a day or two before she was born. She weighed 11 lbs 8 oz. There was a lot of baby in there!!
Wow! Well, they both look very happy. Congrats on the new blog, Jennifer!
I love this! Being pregnant is the only time we can brag about having a big belly!
I hate to say just how huge that belly looks because, you know, it doesn't sound polite and all. It looks like there's a basketball in there, though.
I love pictures like this! I have one with a friend back to back and we even have matching maternity outfits. (Not planned!)
She looks awesome!! My third baby weighed in at 10+ pounds -- which is probably why I never let anyone take my picture in profile!
Wow, that is a big belly. Everyone seems to carry their babies a little differently--sometimes straight out!
Sheryl, she actually had twins the first time around but this was her second pregnancy and was a singleton! He weighed in at 11 pounds 11 ounces but now, apparently, he's actually smaller than a lot of his peers!!
As this is my gigantic belly that everyone is commenting on all I can say is- a basketball? Don't you mean more like a jumbo beach ball? I mean I had to WORK for my stretch marks-give me some credit. It's not every day you have a two-foot long baby who weighs almost twelve pounds! I went on to have another one-a slacker at 10 pounds 3 ounces, but I got so big with her people were giving me "any day now, huh?" comments at six months. And can you believe it? I'm a bikini model now! (not)
Karen, you're so funny. How can I forget how funny you are (maybe it's pregnancy brain)?! I'm going to have to have you come and do a guest blog for me sometime soon. I'll give you the jumbo beach ball. You deserve any appellation of your choice.
Um, wow. There are no words.
Mothering › Pregnancy Articles › And You Thought YOUR Belly Was Big