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Bamboobies Cloth Nursing Pads Giveaway!

“Like a cashmere sweater for my boobies.” Best. Testimonial. Ever.


I think I might need to rename September “The Month of Awesome, Green Mama Businesses.” Bamboobies, cloth nursing pads, were created by a mother of two in Boulder and are handmade in Colorado of organic and sustainable fabrics.

Exasperated with disposable nursing pads, Kerry Gilmartin had a “make do” moment” that turned into a thriving home business. She shares:

“After breastfeeding for a few months, I was still leaking sometimes… I even leaked through the thick washable cotton pads. I was tired of looking like I had round targets on my chest where the pads showed through my shirt. Disposables also showed wrinkles and made crinkly diaper noises when I moved my arms.

So one day I decided, just because it was handy, to stuff a washable diaper wipe into my bra – it felt great, but it looked funny and was far from perfect. It was made of organic bamboo velour so it was deliciously soft and absorbed like a great pad should. I’d never felt anything so soft!

A year into product development and prototyping with different fabrics and designs, we have settled on a unique breast pad design that mothers and lactation consultants love.”

Bamboobies is offering 3 sets of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo nursing pads to three different winners! Choose between:

1. regular ultra-thin pads for when your milk supply is regulated, but you still have minor leaking, or

2. ultra-thick Overnights for the early days of nursing and heavy leaking or overnight leaking.
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I wish these were around when I was nursing. I remember waking up with a soaked nightgown–and having to change my baby boy out of a milk-drenched pajama at 2am was not fun : )

Please visit www.buybamboobies.com for more info. Kerry has provided A la Mama readers with a special 20% off coupon code: MOM20.


Here’s how you enter to win:

Leave a comment below, indicating your preference of Regular or Overnight pads.

Thanks so much, and good luck!

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Comments (157)

These are tooo cute!! Hope I win!! Regular I think would be fine for me :) SOOOOO love it's a heart!!
Overnight pads please! :)
I would love a pair of overnights! I'm tandem nursing my 2 year old and newborn so it's a milk fest over here.
Overnight please!
Hmmm Both?! :) But I think if I had to pick, I'd go with Overnights!
Regular works for me, the hearts are so cute!
I like the regulars, the little heart shapes are cute! :)
I could probably get some use out of the Regular style even before Baby comes, as I'm leaking a little even while pregnant.
I would love to try these!
Regular! So cute!
Overnight! These look great. I haven't found any pads I love. Especially overnight, I'd soak through a pad in no time! And disposable pads just feel gross.
I love the origin story! Not to mention the comfy, sustainable fabric choices. A nursing momma can never have too many boobie pads - especially ones that won't run the risk of the milk "target"! I would love to win the regular ones!!
Regular would definitely be enough for me! The heart shapes are fun!
I'd love to try the regular heart-shaped ones!
I like the regular...very cute!
My preference would be the regular pads. Thanks for the chance to win, expecting a second in January.
Regular! These are great! :)
I'll try the overnights! Thanks!
The owners story about leaking through the cotton ones, is so true. It reminded me of when I had to use 2 pads. Anyway, love the heart shape ones and probably would love the overnight ones.
Mothering › Baby Articles › Bamboobies Cloth Nursing Pads Giveaway!