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Breastfeeding is Beautiful and Normal: Images From Our Past

Beautiful breastfeeding photos from our collective past. Tell us which one is your favorite.

Inuit Woman Breast-feeding Baby, c1908, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-104388

The cornstock madonna, woman breastfeeding

"The Cornstock Madonna," c1916, Illinois, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-137707

Woman Breastfeeding

"A free lunch," c1890, New York, Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-103644

Comments (63)

I love the Cornstalk Madonna. It's really a lovely photo. I would hang a print of it up in my house.
I love them all. What a beautiful glimpse into the past. I would love to see more of these kinds of pictures.
I love them all, but my favorite is also the Cornstalk Madonna.
I love them all but the third makes me want to know more about what's going on in the picture.
I love them all, but there's something about Inuit Woman Breast-Feeding Baby. My husband says it's because that baby reminds me of our son. Looking at it from that perspective, I noticed that that "baby" is definitely the oldest of the bunch. Maybe he's right as I'm still nursing my 3 year old and identify the most with that woman at the moment. :)
Definitely the "Cornstalk Madonna"- absolutely beautiful. They are all amazing photos!
I love the first photo. A toddler nursing! Just beautiful.
o my you mean we didnt always give babies fake milk. lol. <3 it
Cornstalk Madonna. Post more! These are all great. I'm a nursing mom without a community. Need more pix!
Oh these are all so gorgeous! I second Sarah in that these would make beautiful prints to hang upon the wall.
I absolutely love the Cornstalk one... It is captivating to look at and share a little part of their sweet relationship.
Oh how I love these, the babies are so right looking.
I like the Free Lunch picture. The mom looks pretty content and relaxed. Just like I felt when I sat down and fed my children.
Love them all! .... I alsomlove that they are in natural environments.
Cornstalk Madonna
I love how robust & healthy these babies are!
Yes, beautiful. How strange a society we are that we have paraded porn and shut away such wholesomeness, goodness, and life.
It would be great to have a book published with these images! I'd have it out as my "coffee table" book!
Cornstalk Madonna....probably because my current (3rd) nursling is about the age of the baby in this photo. They are all beautiful! Please post more photos :-)
Mothering › Baby Articles › Breastfeeding is Beautiful and Normal: Images From Our Past