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Car Trips With Cloth Diapers

We’re on our way back to Ashland. It seems to be raining all over the state of Oregon.

This is the first car trip we’ve taken since the baby was born with the whole family, and we’ve used cloth diapers and EC the whole time.

It’s not very hard to road trip with cloth diapers. It’s been so easy, in fact, that I honestly don’t understand why most of us (including myself before this baby was born) believe it’s impossible.

Unlike with airplane travel, you don’t need to be super organized on a car trip. Throw your bags, a bunch of diapers, a waterproof bag for the wet diapers, and more food than you think you’ll eat into the car. Don’t forget your cell phone and enough cash for tolls.

We try to change the baby when she’s wet, which is not as practical in the car. But when you’re traveling with kids you need to stop a lot anyway to let them run around and get their yayas out.

Every time we stop we give the baby a pottytunity, and make sure she gets lots of air.

“Haw haw haw!” A lady laughed as she walked past Leone who was airing out. Americans aren’t used to seeing babies with their tushes bare, but everyone’s been goodnatured about it anyway.

It’s true that Leone doesn’t like to be wet, and she will squirm in her seat and complain right after she’s gone pee. We stop if we can but she usually settles down if we can’t. Sometimes she screams in the car, but that happens whether or not she’s wet. Sometimes I want to scream in the car. Long drives can be tiresome.

There you have it: a car trip with cloth.

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Comments (4)

You're right. Why do we think it's impossible? I should really try traveling with cloth on our next short trip. Thanks for the idea!
I think it's great that you do this and share, so others will know it's possible. I saw someone with twin babies in a sling the other day. I never would have thought that was possible until I saw it. They were the most adorable little things. She placed them inside so they were looking at e/o. Anyway, it takes doing it visibly for the idea to catch on.
I remember when I breast-fed in public in France and got more than looks and a couple "haw-haw-haws." I agree with Alisa. Seeing moms offering "pottytunities" will make make more young mothers want to try it, too. .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..In the Footsteps of Thoreau .... =-.
Glad to know it is so doable. Any long trip with little kids is hard in my opinion!
Mothering › Baby Articles › Car Trips With Cloth Diapers