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college student organizational tool #11


The Dry Erase Board.

This weekend, Tim and I made our first parental college visit to New Mexico State to see Reeve perform in a night of opera scenes. We stayed with Reeve and his good friend and roommate, Evan, at their apartment.* I was thrilled to see on display in their living room this delightful yet efficient organizing system.

Was particularly pleased to see that while the grocery list was still blank, these boys were not without an animal of the day. Priorities in place.

In all seriousness, it was thrilling (and a real mind-bender to try to imagine the Laura and Tim of 20 years ago experiencing this) to get a glimpse of Reeve’s life, his space, the choices he’s making for himself. . .  Talk about miracles! (Sending out big high-fives to the us of 1989. . .)


*turning down their generous offer of the circa 1970 (a tweedy harvest orange!) thrift store hide-a-bed and opting instead for a comfy pad on the floor

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Mothering › Child Articles › college student organizational tool #11