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Comfort Techniques For Labor

Optimizing comfort during labor and birth can be achieved in many different ways:

-- dim lights
-- peaceful surroundings
-- privacy
-- music

-- familiar objects

-- walking
-- pelvic rocking
-- positioning pillows for comfort
-- slow dancing with partner
-- sitting on birth ball and swaying
-- lifting up the abdomen

-- "rebozo" sifting

-- support from birth partner(s)

-- massage
-- stroking
-- cuddling
-- counterpressure against lower back
-- acupressure

-- deep tub bath
-- shower
-- heated rice sock on groin or back

-- ice packs on lower back
-- cool cloth to wipe face

-- visualization
-- affirmation
-- focusing on the breath
-- structured breathing patterns
-- non-focused awareness (paying attention to everything you see, hear, feel, smell without focusing on any)
-- prayer


-- scented candles

-- essential oils


-- moaning/groaning

-- singing

-- grunting

Labor companion:

-- partner

-- professional doula

-- knowledgeable and supportive friends/family

-- supportive caregiver

Comments (4)

This is a great resource! Would love to get Ina May to contribute something on the topic. :)
Truly a great resource. I see some great ideas that I would not have thought of on my own!
The best comfort measure of all is to remain in your own home for as long as possible, if not for the entire labor and birth.
My hubby and I will def be doing a lot of these for our home birth! Great suggestions.
Mothering › Pregnancy Articles › Comfort Techniques For Labor