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Craft Pattern: Sew Your Own Receiving Blanket


When I was pregnant with my daughter my mom gave me a whole basket of handmade receiving blankets for my shower. Out of all my gifts they were one of my absolute favorites. She made some out of flannel and others out of lightweight cotton. I used them for nursing, laying on the grass, a shade from the sun, in the car, for changing, you name it! In fact my daughter, now a busy three year old, still sleeps with one as a light summer blanket.

If you are expecting this is the perfect nesting project or, if you have a friend with a baby on the way, whip up a few for gifts and she’ll appreciate the sentiment, not to mention their usefulness.



2-36” x 36” squares of pre-washed coordinating fabric

2 packages of rick rack

straight pins



Cut out two 36” squares of fabric. Pin the squares together, with the right sides facing. I like to sew the edges with a 1/2” seam allowance. Start by sewing three sides together. Then, sew the fourth side, leaving 4” open for turning.

Take the fabric and turn the right sides out. I like to take run my finger along the inside seams for a crisp edge. Also, be sure and use your finger to poke out the corners. Then press.

Now, you need to sew up the opening. So, turn the raw edges inward and pin. Sew the opening closed with a sewing machine or by hand and press.

Then, for a sweet finishing touch, sew rick rack along the edges of the blanket!

Give your sweetie a squeeze and that’s it!


EMILEE GETTLE lives and breathes crafting, cooking, gardening and most importantly mothering!

About Emilee Gettle

I am a diehard crafter who has been designing patterns and projects for 13 years now. As a child my earliest memories are sitting at my grandmother's feet surrounded by yarn, patterns and fabric. When I'm not hiding out in my craft studio or whipping up vegan recipes, I'm lending a hand to my husband in our heirloom seed business, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I'm the editor of our quaterly magazine, Heirloom Gardener. I am also, most importantly a mother. We strive to live a green, self-sustaining lifestyle. My life is never dull, however it is incredibly blessed.

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i wish i had a sewing machine. i would love to make a blanket fo rmy little Max to love!
Mothering › Family Fun Articles › Craft Pattern: Sew Your Own Receiving Blanket