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Elementary School, Musical

My daughter loves Miley Cyrus. She’s eight. I guess it’s that time.

First, my dad gave her a Hannah Montana doll when we were at my brother’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

Then the kids got to watch the Disney channel (the kids have next to zero screen time at home) while we were in Ojai on our family vacation. There were just times…when I needed a break…and there were a lot of back-to-back Hannah Montana episodes on.

“Mom, I just LOVE her,” she said. “She’s just so COOL.” Is she? Is she?

On the one hand, I want to hand-pick/curate all of my daughter’s role models. On the other hand, I know that’s crazy talk. Kids dig who they dig. I had a giant affinity for Olivia Newton-John at her age, but my mom freaked out and said she was a “loose woman, a temptress,” due to her “Let’s Get Physical” song, which I actually thought was just about working out. I didn’t need to be disabused of that notion…but I was.

So I decided to be neutral. And inside, I thrilled a little–she’s getting older! She used to love The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, and now she grooves on a different Disney chica. I just hope Miley doesn’t flame out like Britney and Lindsay. Those Disney princesses tend to pay a stiff price for their renown. If she starts dancing on tables and getting arrested, Honorée does not need to know.

The last time Honorée did some substantial laundry folding in exchange for chore money, she asked me if we could download Miley Cyrus songs as her payment. She sat on my lap and we earnestly evaluated different music samples. She chose four: “Party in the USA,” “Fly on the Wall” (which has a satisfying Joan Jett vibe), “Hoedown Throwdown” (learning those dance steps would be fun), and another one I can’t recall. She and Nathaniel have dedicated dance parties now…it’s darn cute.

At her dad’s house, she gets a steady diet of opera, classical, and musical theater. At my house, it’s Miley, Regina Spektor, Feist, and the Black Eyed Peas. And “Party in the USA” has found its way onto my running playlist. I highly recommend it.

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Comments (11)

My daughter is only 5, but her name is Hannah. And while we don't own a TV we live in this culture and she goes to preschool and so she's heard of Hannah Montana. And she believes that the fact that they share a name must be some kind of sign from above. I am not really thrilled about this, because at her age it feels just a bit too young. But, as you said, it's not up to me. If it weren't Miley Cyrus, I'm sure it would be someone else. So I'm trying to take it in stride, and not react much, and I'll join you in hoping Miley doesn't flame out. .-= Amber´s last blog ..My Husband’s Olympics =-.
My friend's daughter loves Miley and she's 5. They do start early, but hey.. if it happens at least it's good you like the music right? I remember my mom objecting to Three's Company because it of the "inappropriate sexual innuendos" that I did not understand anyway. )
Mothering is a perfect balance between letting go and guiding. Candace, I'm proud of you. My daughter discovered Disney princesses, and though I cringe when she talks about prince charming and palaces and happily ever after(seriously that isn't the real world!), I know that this is a phase just like Hannah Montana ;) So we have our Waldorf inspired faeries and plastic Disney princesses courtesy of Target! I think that in the end, your daughter will have a healthy outlook on her femininity, despite Miley - she has you the ultimate role model. Keep sharing your stories!
Olivia Newton John! Ha! I agree with Rebekah. When Reeve was little, he became enamored of the Power Rangers and Tim and I were mortified. Now, when Reeve sees photos of his five-year-old self striking a pose in his bright blue Power Ranger costume (a beloved birthday present from my sister), he asks, horrified, how we could have let him wear THAT. . .
haha Laura! I wanted to be the pink ranger!! Candace, i do recall a very very brief dance break in the parking lot to Party in the USA. I think Miley is great compared to a lot of the role models kids have these days. Especially if you can keep Honoree out of the real world media and keep her rocking to the upbeat, carefree songs Miley and Hannah put out. I think a lot of stars would be much better role models if their personal lives were kept away from those that might be looking up to them. Thats the exact reason that I wouldn't ever smoke in front of the kids. If there is even the slightest chance that they look up to me, that's not what i'd like them to see. Miss you.
That babe is just beauitful, I mean a lot seems to think she is not to clever but that's just an act, it does require some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.
Miley is so weird but I wish i was her lol
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Mothering › Child Articles › Elementary School, Musical