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Some days, just getting through has to be enough.

And if 1) no one has gotten seriously hurt; and 2) there’s been no major collateral damage; and 3) no kittens have died,* all the better.**

That long list of things you fully intended to take care of today, but failed to? It will still be there tomorrow.

Forgive yourself and go to bed. It’s OK.


*Last March, a new family standard of measure was established as we were trying to figure out how best to take care of our semi-feral mama kitty and her five newborns.  At one point, Tim said, jokingly cavalier, “What’s the worst that can happen? The kittens die.” And Reeve responded: “Dad, ‘the kittens die’ IS the worst thing that can happen.”

**There’s also my age-old end-of-the-day perspective check of “At least I wasn’t trapped in an overturned Porta-Potty today!”—but that’s a story for another time.

Photo: Twombly, our sometime feral kitty, hanging out earlier today on the back stoop where she first appeared in June of 2009.


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"Some days, just getting through has to be enough." Thanks for reminding us. Now how can we make your post into a fridge magnet? :-)
Good idea, Tania. I'll get right on it!
Mothering › Child Articles › enough