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Farmers Market Fun

I am excited for my neighborhood farmers market to open for the season this weekend.  When we start walking to the local farmers market, it starts to feel like summer for me.  There are a couple great, new picture books to get your kids excited about the farmers market too.

To Market, To MarketThe newest book from Nikki McClure, one of my favorite illustrators, is To Market, To Market.  The unique paper-cut illustration style, which she creates with an x-acto knife and black construction paper, have a classic feel that is a perfect fit for a story about a family trip to a farmers market.  To Market, To Market alternates story and information.  We learn about the vegetables, crafts, and other goods that are at the market from how it was grown or produced to how it ended up at the market.  The result is a great blend of fiction and nonfiction that will appeal to a wide range of ages.  Learn more about Nikki McClure’s work in this interview on the fabulous children’s literature blog  Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

First 1000 DaysEmbraceA bit tangentially, I recently learned about the pregnancy and baby journals that Nikki McClure illustrated. I’m excited to gift them to my soon-to-be-mama friends.  What lovely little books in which to capture such special moments!

Now back to the topic at hand. :)

Rah Rah Radishes!

Rah, Rah Radishes: A Vegetable Chant by April Pulley Sayre would be a great way to build enthusiasm for good, healthy food whether from a farmers market or not.  The simple rhyme begs to be read aloud, and it just may encourage a picky eater to see what they might be missing when they turn up their nose at the veggies on their plates.  The author’s vibrant photographs were all taken at her local farmers market in Indiana.   It would be a great choice as a lead up to a farmers market scavenger hunt.

How do you make your trips to the farmers market fun for the whole family?

Mindy Rhiger is a librarian, book reviewer, and mama.  She blogs about books, music, and family life in Minneapolis on Proper Noun Blog.

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Thank you so much for this post! I'm a huge Nikki McClure fan, so excited to hear about this new book! That blog also looks amazing. I have the First 1000 Days journal by Nikki and have loved filling it in so far for my 11 month old baby girl. The illustrations are beautiful. As for the Farmer's Market, my husband and I actually own an organic farm store here in Dallas, so it's a family affair for us :) My baby girl loves being held in the Boba carrier and eating a fresh Texas peach from the counter. I've loved seeing her discover all sorts of new tastes and always let her have a bite of something to decide for herself if she likes it. Just this morning, we picked a ripe red tomato from our own backyard garden and she reached out wanting to hold it. I guess she thought it was a ball!
Not to sound picky and I do love the topic, but it should be "farmers market" unless there is only one farmer at the market and he owns it. Farmers, in the above scenario, is an adjective and needs no apostrophe at all.
Eek. Sorry about that. I need an editor. Thanks :)
Mothering › Child Articles › Farmers Market Fun