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Friday Family Fun!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on Friday night? Here are some simple tips for having some family fun time.  Share your best tip in the comments below and you could win a FREE digital subscription or renewal to Mothering magazine! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

  • Make a detailed map of your house and yard, based on accurate measurements.

  • Put on a treasure hunt for each other.

  • Practice some magic tricks and put on a magic show.

  • Invite the neighborhood over for a circus. Make costumes, dress the dog up as a lion, place a tightrope on the floor, practice juggling… use your imagination!

  • Make boats from wood scraps and corks, with paper or fabric sails, and sail them down a creek or in the bath.

  • Play store with your children’s toys and paper money.

  • Play restaurant, writing up a menu of the day’s lunch offerings.

  • Learn a new language together, with tapes, CD-ROMs, or online. Use index cards to label items around the house in the new language.

  • Celebrate a holiday from another country, like Bastille Day or St. Brighid’s Day. Research the holiday, make traditional foods, and listen to music from that country.

  • Do crossword puzzles.

  • Do origami.

  • Trace around your child’s body on a long sheet of newsprint, and let him color in his face and clothing.

  • Decorate each other’s faces with face paints.

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What’s your best family fun tip?

Melanie Mayo-Laakso


Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.

Comments (13)

We love to make a fort and read books in it! The kids think this is great fun.
When the weather's warm and dry, we go on a Read-nic! I load up a special basket with a few of our favourite books (including board books to keep the toddler busy) and some yummy treats like crackers, cheese, grapes, animal cookies, or fresh baked goodies. We lay out the blanket and enjoy a story, a snack, and outdoor time all at once!
I let my daughter pic a movie and we sit down and watch it together!
We have game night every friday night. Tonight we played Blokus and then Tsuro.
My kids are still young (2 and 3), so our Friday nights are much less complicated than the examples. We have movie night and a pizza picnic. We bring bean bags and comfy chairs to the living room, shut all of the blinds, make pizza and popcorn, and watch a new movie. The kids think it is such a treat to not have to sit at the table! They also LOVE dancing to all of the songs and especially during the credits. .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Sports Fan Double-Layered Flannel Blanket =-.
Love the "Read-Nic" .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Sports Fan Double-Layered Flannel Blanket =-.
If the night is clear you can put some blankets down in the backyard, get some hot chocolate and go star gazing. We like to identify constellations, but also to make up our own patterns in the stars.
My husband works at a high school and has to supervise football games (nearly every Friday in the fall), so my 14 month old daughter and I head to the school and all join in the fun! She has a blast watching the cheers, listening to the band, and interacting with all the excited fans...plus it is nice to be able to spend the evening together as a family!
Have a family sushi making party! It's a lot of fun for dinner! Everyone in the family can get involved AND enjoy the results together. We did this tonight ~ our 13 year old daughter toasted the nori seaweed sheets, we all sliced veggies (some were even from our garden), spread the sticky rice and fillings, then rolled & sliced! Everyone has a chance to express their creativity with various fillings (we used avocado, carrots, lemon cucumbers, parnips and gamasio). We also have a set of tiny vegetable cutters in cute shapes for making decorative raw veggie slices (you could probably also use a tiny cookie cutter). So our 13 year old cleverly inserted carrot "flowers" to fit perfectly in parsnip rings (the left over parsnip piece after a flower was cut out of it) for lovely edible garnishes. Younger children can make rice balls with the sticky rice & seaweed. Leftovers are fantastic in lunches the next day, too. It was fun to share photos of our family fun night on facebook with our friends and family.
choose a simple story and act it out as a family - set up a video recorder to tape it so you can watch and enjoy the show you made when you are done.
Around this time of the year, we make a thanksgiving tree. Basically it's a tree trunk painted brown. The kids usually end up making animals to decorate it. Then I take a bunch of fall colored construction paper leaves. Each day between... Sept 1st and Thanksgiving, everyone in the family takes the time to write or draw a picture of something they are thankful for. Then we read what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving. It is something everyone participates in, and although it is only a few minutes to write something, it makes everyone more aware of whats important and we have a lot of fun decorating the tree and the wall its on in fall fashion. I don't know if this counts, but it has been a great thing at our house and I wanted to share it with you.
Thanks for all the great responses! Long live Friday Family Fun Night! The winner of the digital sub is Kathy Lee. Write me at webedtor [at] mothering.com. :)
Hi Melanie, Thank you so much!!! I sent you an email, did you receive it? Kathy Lee
Mothering › Family Fun Articles › Friday Family Fun!