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Getting Anything Done with a Toddler in the Mix

If you are spending prolonged time with your toddler, chances are you have to tend to some other obligations during your time together. Here are three tips for getting ANYTHING done with your toddler in the mix…

a) Set your child up with a “work-station” to engage in the same activity that you are tending to: pen/paper, flour/measuring cup, rake/leaves, etc., depending on your project.

b) Set your child up with a “play-station” near you with her own activities while you continue your task: a blanket with soft toys, a safe mirror, healthy snack, musical instrument, books, figurines, blocks, cars, tea set, a mixing bowl with smaller containers and something safe to transfer, etc.

c) Single focus: Set aside a small block of time to focus entirely on your child, and then single focus on your task for the same amount of time (while she is occupied in station a or b.) Repeat as necessary, and be sure to explain your plan in advance (click here for more information on explaining your plan in advance under “Setting The Stage.”) For more information on this Single Focus or “10/10″ L.O.V.E. Parenting Technique Click here.

Good luck!



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If one has a routine with their toddler they can do things while that child sleeps or has a quiet period. A child needs 14 hours of sleep per day for proper brain development. A toddler needs to be engaged and interacted with. Playgroups, grandparents and neighbors are all different venues to take advantage of. I know a lot of ways to keep a toddler busy because I raised my daughters and ran La Leche league toddler meetings and teach children with special needs now. Sand and water, stirring things are fabulous fun. As a Waldorf childhood advocate and BPI graduate also, I know that children can read your emotions and reflect them. If you are overwhelmed and not taking care of your needs, they will reflect that attitude. If you put them to bed at 6pm after a nice bath and quality time, they will go to sleep. It is very nice to have that much time free. And then there is the nap times that can be work time for Mom. I delight in the sense of wonder that toddlers have for the world. It is such a short time in their lives and one to treasure.
Great ideas, one and all!
Mothering › Toddler Articles › Getting Anything Done with a Toddler in the Mix