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Higher Ground: pregnancy visualization

Here is a simple visualization exercise to replace negative images about weight gain with positive ones can be very helpful.

To begin, find a comfortable position of relaxation. Choose a person with whom you are comfortable to lead you through the process—or tape-record your own voice if you prefer. Let that person know ahead of time which parts of your body feel heaviest and most uncomfortable to you.

You’ll be using the imagery of your breath to focus on certain parts of your body, flowing from head to toes, so that by the end of this process you are not only relaxed but also centered inside your body. For example: “Now let your attention focus in the throat, and as you breathe in and out, your throat will become more and more loose, more and more open. With each breath, you will massage the inside of your body. Feel each breath create more and more room as your throat becomes relaxed and open.”

Continue, exploring through the body, stopping at the places of largest weight gain. Embrace with your breath the insides of your thighs, upper arms, buttocks, and face. Let your breath caress and warm the growing fat cells of your body as they pulsate nourishment and new life to your baby. See the food from the inside of your body transformed into liquid gold speeding through the placenta to your rapidly growing baby. See the link between you and your baby.

Other image ideas to work with are:

  • Imagine yourself several weeks further ahead in your pregnancy, floating in water as your baby floats in water inside you.
  • Imagine yourself as a huge, powerful boulder, or as a whale swimming gracefully as queen of the ocean.
  • See yourself as a strong, complete, and stable woman, bringing new life into your body, supported and nurtured by each mouthful of food.

End your visualization by focusing your breathing away from your body and back into the room, slowly becoming aware of the space in which you are lying.


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Mothering › Pregnancy Articles › Higher Ground: pregnancy visualization