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Higher Ground: Soul Day

pregnant couple in hammockAs you prepare for your baby’s birth, the third trimester is a good time to start observing a Soul Day, a holy day for your family. In the Jewish tradition, the Sabbath is a day in which things are to be left as they are, a day for being- not doing. Follow this tradition or embellish your own.

Choose one day of the week to be your family’s Soul Day. Do whatever you feel like doing. Stay in your pajamas all day. Don’t answer the phone or go anywhere. Turn off the television. Putter around the house and eat small meals all day long. Take a long nap. Enjoy a bubble bath. Read, draw, and listen to the radio.

These days are so deeply relaxing that you will feel ready to rejoin the world after one of them. Make them a regular part of your week.


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Mothering › Pregnancy Articles › Higher Ground: Soul Day