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Infertility & Adoption Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness month is over. I’d say the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sure has done a ton of work. I mean, every time I turned around in October, I stumbled across the pink ribbon. It was printed on cereal boxes, stuck on gas cap covers, and incorporated into football player uniforms. One morning when I was visiting my nephew Noah, I opened a carton of eggs and the ribbon was stamped onto the eggshells. Even the White House in Washington, D.C. was the “pink” house one night.

Infertility awareness isn’t doing as hot. This article describes how, because women shy away from speaking about their struggles, infertility is receiving less funding and research than other medical issues. Many women, like me, are shocked when they have trouble conceiving. Personally–even more than advances in technology–I’d love to see more information disseminated about the role age plays in fertility, as well as the steps women can take early in life to better protect their fertility. If I had known about America’s messed up food system twenty years ago, I could’ve started making healthier changes way back then.

Speaking of raising awareness, November is National Adoption Month (there is a big expo coming up in D.C.; keep an eye out for events in your area). When Ron and I began looking into adoption, we were (once again) shocked at what we discovered. We had started the paperwork to adopt a toddler from Nepal. As I investigated the process, I kept learning about issues involving child trafficking. Eventually, the U.S. Department of State suspended new petitions to adopt from Nepal due to concerns over falsified paperwork. Still, we carefully press on. I don’t know where this path will lead us–we’re listening to all sorts of different perspective on the topic of adoption and sorting it out. My hope is that if we keep seeking, we will find the truth.

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Jenny Rough is a lawyer-turned-writer. Visit her on the web at www.jennyrough.com

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So often you hear of women who are infertile desperately wanting a child, willing to go to the ends of the Earth in pursuit of a child. Wondering if some women find infertility a blessing, a relief? Hardly ever hear of that. November is also Epilepsy awareness month. I imagine it gets about the same amount of attention as adoption awareness/National Adoption Month: not much. I came across an article discussing how your blood type could be a determining factor in infertility. I'm not sure how much I believe that. I certainly believe environment has a lot to do with the majority of infertility problems. Not an expert by any means, but considering what we are putting in our bodies and what our bodies simply absorb every single day, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that we find ourselves infertile. Blood type infertility article: http://tinyurl.com/33z9t7x Also, you mentioned running into everything pink during Breast Cancer Month (yes, I noticed that too). There was an absolutely amazing post on "pinktober" and what has been termed as "pinkwashing". http://tinyurl.com/32kzzsw Good luck with whatever path you end up on. .-= Kris Underwood´s last blog ..NEW POST at All Things Mothering Motheringcom =-.
I hadn't heard that about the blood type - that's interesting (I couldn't get the pinktober link to work). Thanks for the well wishes.
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Mothering › Child Articles › Infertility & Adoption Awareness