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Interesting Nonetheless

These photos have absolutely nothing to do with breastfeeding, but I could not sleep without sharing them with you. What's funny is I had no idea that breast augmentation and face injections weren't new. See for yourself.

1. Young woman getting "laugh" wrinkles around mouth smoothed out. Bel Air, CA, US 1961 © Time Inc.

2. Woman getting injection which builds up fatty tissue under skin to get rid of wrinkles. Bel Air, CA, US 1961 © Time Inc.

3. Young woman showing results after plastic surgery to enhance size of her breasts. Bel Air, CA, US 1961 © Time Inc.

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Neither did I, but come to think of it, I do remember watching a Marilyn Monroe movie and she had a nose job. I guess things were a secret back then as opposed to a badge of honor.
Jennifer, you have an award waiting for you on my site. Thank you for sharing your delightful research with us in the blogosphere!
I just came across your blog-- it's great. I'm so interested in the historical pictures! I have breastfed all of my babies; and am blessed to be part of a family that encourages it-- I can feed my babies in front of my father, brother, whoever! I was recently reading a Catholic sex education manual from the 1940's-1950's (Parents, Children, and the Facts of Life)- the priest encouraged women to breastfeed in public to educate onlookers on what breasts are ultimately FOR. I think many people are confused in the present day. . . there is quite a bit of chronological snobbery going on-- as if just because we are in the modern age our "wisdom" prevails.
I know my grandmother had a breast augmentation, she had them done before I was born in 1979. My mom thinks it was mid 1970's when she had the old silicone implants put in. My grandmother actually donated her body to science since she had the breast implants in for so long without any complications.
Mothering › Baby Articles › Interesting Nonetheless