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KUSHIES Diaper Giveaway Bonanza

This morning, I am launching a giveaway for the following Kushies cloth diapers:

(1) Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Pink, which includes:

2 Ultra-Lite All-in-One Diapers

2 Washcloths

2 Washable Cotton Diaper Liners

10 Flushable, Biodegradable Diaper Liners
Kushies Pink Infant Trial Pack

(2) Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Blue, which includes:

2 Ultra-Lite All-in-One Diapers

2 Washcloths

2 Washable Cotton Diaper Liners

10 Flushable, Biodegradable Diaper Liners

(3) One Toddler size (22-45 lbs) Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green squares pattern:
green grid

(3) One Toddler size (22-45 lbs) Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green swirly pattern:
green swirl

To enter, please leave a comment with one of the following:

!Which item you’d like to win (blue pack, pink pack, or one of the toddler dipes)!

a) your favorite cloth diaper (if you did this in the last contest, you don’t have to do that twice. Instead, try another suggestion)

b) the most memorable thing anyone’s ever said when you mentioned that you cloth-diaper

c) if your kid has a favorite cloth diaper, what does it look like?

d) if someone turned you on to cloth diapering, you can give her or him a shout out here. I’m going to start by saying, thank you Nancy McManus, for giving me some old covers and prefolds. That’s all it took.

The nice people at Kushies would also like you to have a special Mothering discount code. It’s mothering2010, and you receive 10% off any order from www.kushiesonline.com.

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Comments (203)

I have one of the Ultralites, and it really IS super lightweight and trim! I would say the most memorable was... "what? THAT is a diaper?" LOL .-= Sarah Tracy´s last blog ..Baby / Toddler Bow Tie =-.
with my first son I did some cloth "part-time" and used Bummi wraps and prefolds, but with my second I am currently looking into some other options, such as AIOs...so I don't have a favorite yet! I'm still looking for my favorite! Comments I got/get are "but what about the poop?" and "that just sounds soooo disgusting!" lol .-= krysten´s last blog ..A recap =-.
One of my memories of talking about cloth diapers is when my brother found out that I was switching to cloth. He thought I was crazy and wouldnt stick to it. His first child is due in Aug and I have convinced him to use cloth!!!!! He never thought in a million years that he would be a dad let alone use cloth diapers!!!
a) Green Tweedlebugs pockets...easy with two openings! c) Maybe the same? Hehe d) Stephanie Pilichowski is who I blame for my addiction!!
We didn't use cloth with our first, but I am sooo looking forward to going the cloth route with the next. These kushies are just way too cute, by the way. So I can't mention a type of cloth diaper that i liked... but I hope I can still participate!!
Right now, we use bumgenius 3.0's and Happy Heinys and I really like them both. The most memorable thing I heard when I told someone I cloth diaper was, "I would never do that! I don't want to get poop in my washer!" My daughter doesn't seem to have a favorite diaper, and our Bradley instructor, Jessica Dixon, turned us on to cloth diapers.
Thanks to Angie and Adam for exposing me to what cloth diapering really is and dispelling the myths I had in my head!
My favorite cloth diaper is FuzziBunz. I have a chubby babe and the variable snaps have been great for us! And they come in such cute colors and are easy to tote around.
Our favorites so far have been Kissaluv fitteds. :) As for who turned me on to cloth diapering-Mothering! I found the discussion boards when my third child was born through hearing someone talk about cloth diapering online offhandedly and never turned back! .-= Desiree ´s last blog ..18th Century Child Stays Part 2 =-.
When my mom saw my son for the first time in a cloth diaper she said: "huh, that must be why people used to be bow-legged, because they had so much bulk between their legs"!!! i could not stop laughing. i highly doubt that there is a connection between bow-legged people and cloth diapers but i guess thats what she thought ;)
My favorite diaper was a small Lucy's Hope Chest side-snap fitted with watermelons and velour that I got for $5. I took a picture the last time my girl was able to wear it. It was hard to let it go, but I passed it on and it may be on a baby right now.
We love Kushies!! Most of ours were bought for my oldest (who is now 7!!) and after going through 3 babies we are needing some new ones for baby #4 (due in July!!) We mostly get strange looks when we mention cloth diapers...the same look we get when we mention homebirthing, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, etc!!
I still remember when I started to CD someone saying "wow, you're brave!" Ha, I still find that funny. Really, there's nothing hard about it!
I'm still exploring the idea of cloth diapering, but I love the patterns Happy Heinys offers! Most people usually say "Good luck with THAT!" when I tell them I cloth diaper. I guess I would have to thank the state of Vermont and all it's eco-friendly ways for turning me on to cloth diapers.
I really like my prefolds and covers, but we use AIO at night. I've not really gotten many comments... A few friends call me a hippie.. Flynn's a little young for favorites. (10 wks) I knew I wanted to cd, but I credit my friend for the 14 AIOs she gave me for free, and a ton of prefolds from another friend, and a bunch of covers from another friend.
A lovely woman in the church I worked for at the time of my first pregnancy hesitantly asked me if I would be interested in her stash of Nikki covers & contour diapers which she had not been able to let go of even though her son was about 11 at the time. I said "YES!!!!" and we were off. (I had planned to CD already, but had very limited resources and didn't really know about "modern" diapering options, so she really brought me up-to-date on what was possible with cloth diapers!) BTW, I have no need for either of the kits, but would love either of the toddler-sized AIOs.
We have only used Gro Baby for so and have had great success. However, we would love to expand our collection and try a few other brands as well since we have always use Gro. I remember a friend telling, "at one time in your life you said you would NEVER cloth diaper". That was before I realized how easy it was, lol. Our son has no favorite yet, since he is only 10 months Julie and Nicole gave me all kinds of information and Nicole helped me pick the Gro System. Thanks ladies!!!
Even though I love CD's for lots of reasons I have not used them since my DS was a little baby. I am now looking to find some that will still fit him... I am so over buying disposables for him! I would love to give these a try! btw, I used the bumgenius w/ he was little & really liked them. Thanks for this oppertunity!
My favourite? I haven't tried a lot as I use the Kushies my sister-in-law (Karen)gave me when she turned me on to cloth diapering. They're old school but still work great. Most memorable thing anyone said. My mother-in-law: "so you're not going to try those new disposables?" (her babies were born before disposables hit the common market and they'll always be new to her.
I would absolutely love to have the blue set-- I am expecting my second baby (I have a 13month old) in July and have always wanted to try cloth diapering! If I won, I would have no excuse but to start!!:)
Mothering › Baby Articles › KUSHIES Diaper Giveaway Bonanza