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Living a Fertile Life

I haven’t posted much on the blog the past few weeks because, well, I needed a break. Not from blogging. From trying to conceive (TTC)…and everything and anything related to it. For so long, I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern. One minute I’m ready to step off the path of TTC, and the next I’m certain I should stay on it. As a result, I keep wavering. A few months ago, at a yoga for fertility workshop, I heard an instructor say, “There are lots of ways to live a fertile life.” Her words rang true. Fertility, at its heart, isn’t necessarily about bearing offspring. Fertility is about creation and abundance in its many forms. As a writer, I am able to spend my days engaged in a fruitful practice. For that, I am grateful. In addition to motherhood, in what ways do you live a fertile life?

About Jenny Rough

Jenny Rough is a lawyer-turned-writer. Visit her on the web at www.jennyrough.com

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Dear Jenny: I just finished reading your article "Fertile Ground" for Whole Health Report/Whole Living. When I subscribed to this magazine I did it out of "Why not?" since I am into a more internal control of my experience than outer. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading about the power of the Earth and the pictures of the articles. Before reading your article I had just finished writing the content of a podcast I produce and host in Spanish with my sister. Tomorrow's show is about "Desiring or Manifesting?" Knowing what being a mom is, there is only one thing I would like to give you: wanting and believing is life-giving, wanting and doubting it is against your nature. Every time that you desire come out of what others have found out, said, experienced, lived or so, you are denying yourself the personal experience of wanting knowing that there is no way you cannot get what you want. Enjoy the deliciousness of your desire going from the sole feeling of pleasure it provokes in you. As an author I follow says: "do not seek for solutions, just seek relief." Embrace relaxing because there is no way you cannot get what you want; set aside what other people say. Embrace the feeling of your desire of becoming a mom and make that feeling the Source of your happiness... mothering will become natural. Trust me! :)
Mothering › Pregnancy Articles › Living a Fertile Life