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Mislabeling of “Organic” Personal Care Products Prompts Lawsuit

The Center for Environmental Health has filed a lawsuit against more than two dozen personal care companies citing misleading use of the term “organic” on their labels.

The CEH reports that “Dozens of shampoos, lotions, toothpastes,and other personal care products sold by national retailers including Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Whole Foods and other stores are mislabeled as organic, in violation of California law…Several of the products, including products intended for children, contain potentially toxic ingredients, including chemicals suspected of causing asthma, disrupting hormones, or causing cancer and other health problems.”  Read more…

Mothering has long worked to help provide honest information about product labeling, including taking part in a recent blog campaign organized by Earth Mama Angel Baby to educate consumers about the meaning of the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ on labels.

For more resources and information on toxins in skin care products, and education on ‘organic’  and ‘natural’ labeling, please review the information below.

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The Toxic Truth: How Everyday Products Threaten Healthy Pregnancies

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Reading Room

The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics



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I am glad to see this! There is no such thing as truly organic skincare, since all products need to be preserved otherwise the shelf life is very short. I have made a lot of my own herbal skincare and use only my own handcrafted herb infused oil for every massage. I am disappointed to see Skin Deep and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics listed. My research indicates that their information is NOT science based and IS politically driven. They have their own lawsuits on record.
Mothering › Baby Articles › Mislabeling of “Organic” Personal Care Products Prompts Lawsuit