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My Five-Year-Old Still Has a Bottle

By Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers



My five-year-old-daughter has a bottle of milk every night. Should I say my five-year-old-daughter still has a bottle of milk every night? Many people would add the modifier—and I can’t fault them for this. I haven’t made even one attempt to wean her from that ritual. No surprise, our shared attachment to her bottle stems back to her babyhood.


One of the biggest adjustments I had to make as a fourth-time mom but first-time adoptive mom was to become comfortable with the bottle’s primacy.


I’d breastfed the three children I gave birth to and while I hoped to encourage some comfort nursing that didn’t work out. I had considered the possibility of a concerted attempt to breastfeed the fourth child. Yet, I decided against that effort. It was unlikely I’d ever produce enough milk to sustain and I didn’t want to take hormones to feed a baby I might not take home. I pumped in anticipation of her arrival a handful of times, but with three older children to care for–ages five, nine and 12–I couldn’t put the effort in that would be required to maybe just maybe encourage the milk along for real.



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I drank a bottle until I was four years old.  I never had any dental caries from that practice.

My youngest child used a bottle until age six and never had dental caries from that practice.  My husband was the main caretaker at the time, and it was easier for him to give the "baby" or six year old a bottle when it was time to lay down to sleep. My youngest child bit the top off of the nipple and drank it that way. I was always buying nipples to replace the chewed ones.

At one point I told my youngest child that it was time to give up the bottle. My child took the bottle into the other room where my child talked to the bottle and said good-bye.  My youngest child never asked for the bottle again. We still have that bottle in the china cabinet in the kitchen.  Life goes on, but a person does have to grab pieces of life as it moves on.
Mothering › Child Articles › My Five Year Old Still Has A Bottle