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Nursing in Public:You Be the Judge

For every fifty bottle-feeding photographs I come across, I run into about three breastfeeding photos; they're really that rare. But on occasion I do stumble upon breastfeeding photos that catch my attention, but I cannot tell whether a mother is actually nursing or not. So, I am enlisting you to help me with a little detective work. Are these moms breastfeeding in public? By the way, you can click to enlarge each photo for better viewing.

In this first photograph I am almost certain that I have finally found a picture of a black woman nursing in public. But I am not one hundred percent sure.


Then, I found another photo of the same scene where I think the photographer blotted out the mother's breast with a white strip. This makes me think she was definitely breastfeeding. What do you think?


Then, I found this picture over the weekend. The photographer's caption reads: Tired mothers and tired children at the end of the Halloween party at Shafter migrant camp, California. 1938 Nov.

I think this mother is breastfeeding in public because look at the little boy on the right -- he's so into what's going on, and so is the other mother in the back. (Okay, maybe this one is a stretch. But the picture was taken by Dorothea Lange and she has taken two NIP (Nursing in Public) pictures I've shown before.) What do you think?


Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division Washington, DC 20540 Reproduction Numbers: LC-USF34-018554-D DLC, LC-USF33-021255-M1 DLC, LC-USF33-006099-M2 DLC

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I could not enlarge the photos! I am very intrigued but can not see what is going on in these smaller pics!
I saved the images & tried enlarging them with my softwares but couldn't get enough resolution to tell for sure but it doesn't seem like a bottle feeding pic, hard to tell though.
Inspired by your blog I have started amassing a similar collection on facebook, check it out http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2005395&id=1001101732&l=b7d55c2532
Mothering › Baby Articles › Nursing in Public:You Be the Judge