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Slings and Arrows

Off the topic of Valentine’s Day, my poor friend Kathy Pape received this anonymous note today. She lives in a place where it was 64 degrees and she was holding her son in her arms the whole time. Oh, the in-humanity!

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64 degrees!!?? Hell I wouldn't be wearing shoes either! How rude. And why the note? If you really feel that strongly about something that really has nothing to do with you at all and is not hurting you or anyone in any way shape or form, I mean if you really feel THAT strongly about it, use your words in a way that might actually be productive. And where were her kids when she had the time to get our her pink pen and write these nasty words anyway? I hope not reading over her shoulder. Sorry, that just makes me feel icky.
I'm totally offended for your friend. That note really makes me mad. We need to support each other and not harass other people. So totally inappropriate of the note writer. WTF? .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..Two New Travel Articles: Everything you want to know about kids and airport security =-.
Yes, what a hosebeast.
Mothering › Child Articles › Slings and Arrows