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Take Action Against Dangerous Food Dyes that Harm Children

MOMSMaking Our Milk Safe (MOMS), an organization working on “protecting the health of our babies by eliminating the growing threat of toxic chemicals and industrial pollutants in human breast milk, “  has issued a call to action concerning the dangerous food dyes found in breakfast cereals marketed to children. Take action now–visit the MOMS blog post “The Food Revolution Begins At Home.”

Melanie Mayo-Laakso


Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.

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I see this article saying things like "might" and "may" cause this or that, but ADHD/ADD is more of a genetic issue as we are now finding out. While I personally believe food dyes to be disgusting and I try to steer clear of them, I do not believe them to be reason to blame learning disabilities on. Allergies, YES! but not ADD/ADHD. I happen to have had ADHD/ADD and still do now as an adult, and I have spent many years studying and learning about how my brain works as well as many things about how food works with my abilities. ( I have done this with the help of a nutritionist and a counselor)and while there IS truth to how we eat effecting the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, it is certainly not a cause and a cure to omit these things. Please check out some of the latest information on genetic studies being done within the past 6 months and the real truth about ADHD/ADD. The more we know, the better we can help people like me, and our children who already suffer form this disability. Other than that, I think it's wonderful you are promoting stopping these dyes. Truthfully - ANY substance that is "man made" like these should NOT be going into our bodies or our children's bodies.
Hi, Deanna. Thank you for your comments about the article. I based my content on the report conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which did show a correlation between ADD/ADHD and certain food dyes. Of course, more science is needed to understand how food dyes may contribute to this and other health problems. I meant in no way to imply that adults or children suffering from ADD/ADHD would be cured if they omitted food dyes from their diets; only to say that if they do contribute to the increased rates, they should be banned and substituted with safer food dyes, which are readily available and in use in Europe. Warm regards, Mary
Food dyes certainly can trigger the symptoms of ADHD (which has many triggers). Have you read the Lancet study? http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2807%2961306-3/abstract As a result of this study, products in Europe with dyes are banned or must carry a warning label. In March, 2011, our FDA will be holding hearings on food dyes. http://www.fda.gov/AdvisoryCommittees/Calendar/ucm236321.htm And the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that they "must admit" that they "might have been wrong" about the relationship between dyes and behavior. For more than 30 years, parent volunteers in the Feingold Association have been helping other families to get rid of these chemicals. www.feingold.org
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Mothering › Baby Articles › Take Action Against Dangerous Food Dyes that Harm Children