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The Baby is Three Months Old Today

cb_044bwtBaby Leone is three months old today.

Three months already but it feels like she was just born.

She likes to gurgle, look at her hands, and she has almost found her toes.

She’s social and she smiles a lot but beware the friendly soul who wants to hold her: she almost immediately starts to cry with people she doesn’t know.

I think she can tell by the way that they smell that they’re not me, or her dad, or her siblings.

One of the only times she didn’t cry right away was when the PBS producer, Kate McMahon, held her. Kate is a lactating mom (she has an almost 12-month-old) so she probably smelled familiar to Leone, like breast milk.

The baby is also an expert drooler and an expert spitter-upper.

Only, the spit up, now that she’s so grown-up, no longer happens right after she nurses. Since it’s not fresh, it comes out curdled, like yogurt.

The drool and the spit-up get into the folds of fat around her neck, which smell yeasty, like baking bread. It’s so hard to get to her neck to clean it. The drool keeps it wet and the fat keeps it warm, so some of the skin in there looks red and irritated.

Her belly button is also irritated. At Baby Yoga on Monday I noticed it smelled funny, like fish. We cleaned it and put some golden seal powder on it and it seems to be better.

She’s such a calm, patient baby. Etani and Hesperus were that way too. I know it’s no prediction of her future personality so I have to remind myself to enjoy the quiet and serenity for as long as it lasts.

Happy three month birthday Baby!

Photo by Christopher Briscoe

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Comments (8)

Three months is big! It completes the "childbearing year"! She's a lovely person. And she didn't cry when I held her either. I think she rather liked me and I thought she was most agreeable. : )
can't wait to meet baby Leone.
Beautiful photo! Happy .25 birthday, Leone!
Happy 3 months to you and Baby Leone!!
Babies are smart. They instinctively know to beware of strangers. Beaming some distant love from across the continent to Baby Leone and her mom .... .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..Deadline for Dune Shack Lottery Draws Near =-.
She is just adorable, Jennifer. A calm baby...how wonderful! I believe that babies pick up the vibes of the mother - so, you must be calm, too. (?) .-= sheryl´s last blog ..You're Invited: A Fun, Free Event in NYC With Laura Geller =-.
Maybe Sheryl but I don't know if anyone who knows me would describe me as calm... I have more of a Type A high-energy high-anxiety personality. That said, I do feel pretty calm and confident taking care of this baby. And her dad, who spends a lot of time with her, is a calm person. But I've seen the most patient calmest moms with the most high-strung frantic babies (and vice versa) so I'm not sure if your theory is always true... .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..BlogHer Conference August 6th and 7th in New York City =-.
Mothering › Baby Articles › The Baby is Three Months Old Today