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This Mother’s Day, Honor a Mother, Rescue Another

Mother and child in Southern Sudan

Mother and child in Southern Sudan Photo by: Christopher Scott/IRC

Thank you to the International Rescue Committee for this guest post.

In Southern Sudan, women—who share the same joys of motherhood as your own sisters, mothers, daughters and friends—have a one in seven chance of dying during childbirth.

That is simply one chance too many.

Every year, over 500,000 women worldwide die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The vast majority of these deaths happen in the developing world. Almost all of them are preventable.

In Southern Sudan, women have little or no access to health care and must travel long distances to find treatment. Nearly all births are unattended and happen at home without electricity and clean water. Because 15 percent of all deliveries require surgical or medical intervention—a luxury the women in Southern Sudan do not have—the frequency of death during childbirth here is among the highest in the world.

To address the dire need for maternal healthcare, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) runs “safe motherhood” programs that provide prenatal care to pregnant women and give training in safe delivery to community health workers who are deployed across the region to help those in need.

That’s just one example of the life-saving work the IRC is doing to help mothers and their families in over 40 countries worldwide.

When you choose a gift of $50 or more, the IRC will send your recipient a Wake Up Bag with her card.

This Mother’s Day, there’s no better way to celebrate motherhood and honor the special mom in your life than by giving a lifesaving gift in her name. At the IRC’s gift site, fromharmtohome.org, Mother’s Day shoppers can dedicate a symbolic gift that will aid women and their families like those in Southern Sudan. Choose items that can save a mother’s life and protect her children, including a safe birthing kit, prenatal care, or equipment for a maternity clinic. The IRC will send the recipient you choose a beautiful printed card or e-card to let them know about the gift.

Right now, when you buy a gift of $50 or more, the IRC will send your recipient an exclusive “Wake Up Bag,” inspired by the small purses the IRC distributes in partnership with the Jordan River Foundation to Iraqi refugee women at risk of sexual abuse and domestic violence in Jordan. The purses have contact information for support services discreetly sewn into a label in the lining, thus providing women with a resource they can safely and easily access should they need help.

We hope you will choose to honor a mother and rescue another this year by giving a Mother’s Day gift from the IRC store.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at the IRC!

About the International Rescue Committee:

A global leader in humanitarian assistance, the International Rescue Committee works in over 40 countries offering help and hope to refugees and others uprooted by conflict and oppression. During crises, IRC teams provide health care, shelter, clean water, sanitation, learning programs for children and special aid for women. As emergencies subside, the IRC stays to revive livelihoods and help shattered communities recover and rebuild. The IRC also helps resettle thousands of refugees admitted into the United States each year in and around 22 US cities.  A tireless advocate for the most vulnerable, the IRC is committed to restoring hope, dignity and opportunity.

Melanie Mayo-Laakso


Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.


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Mothering › Family Fun Articles › This Mother’s Day, Honor a Mother, Rescue Another